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Data Journalists Using Facebook
A Study of a Resource Group Created by Journalists, for Journalists

, Florence (2014) Waiting for Data Journalism: A qualitative assessment of the anecdotal take-up of data journalism in French-speaking Belgium. Digital Journalism, (ahead-of-print), 1-15. Ellison, Nicole B; Gray, Rebecca; Lampe, Cliff, & Fiore, Andrew T. (2014) Social capital and resource requests on Facebook. New Media & Society, 16(7), 1104-1121. Fink, Katherine, & Anderson, C. W. (2014) Data Journalism in the United States: Beyond the “usual suspects”. Journalism Studies, (ahead-of-print), 1-15. Granovetter, Mark S. (1973

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Au pairs on Facebook
Ethnographic use of social media in politicised fields

Introduction This methodology article argues that incorporating Facebook in ethnographic fieldwork can open up for new pathways of knowledge in research among migrants whose presence in the migration destination is highly politicised. Taking a point of departure from the notion that researchers should be aware of the ways in which such migrants are represented in public debates, I suggest that the ethnographic use of social media can open new insights into how these migrants interpret, resist and embrace the dominant representations to which they are

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Challenges of Facebook Integration in High Education

References - Davidovitch, N., & Belichenko, M. (2018). Using Facebook in Higher Education: Exploring Effects on Social Climate, Achievements, and Satisfaction. International Journal of Higher Education , Vol. 7, No. 1; 2018. - LYNCH, M. (2017, October 2). 10 WAYS TO USE FACEBOOK IN THE CLASSROOM . Retrieved from - NGUYEN, T. (2017, October). Undergraduate Students’ Use of Facebook for Educational Purposes: Advantages, Difficulties, and Potential for Connected Learning

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Crisis communication on Facebook

Crisis, Florida Grower, 104 (12), 34. Phillips, D. (2003). Online public relations . Prague: Grada Publishing. Regester, R., & Larkin, J. (2008). Risk Issues and Crisis Management in Public Relations , Replika Press Pvt Ltd. Shih, C. (2011). The Facebook Era. Pearson Education Inc. Social Media a Vital Tool in Crisis Planning . (2010). New York: PR Newswire. Retrieved February 2, 2015, from . Volek, M., (2011). Online Marketing Strategies for Travel Agencies. Studia

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Rethinking the Perceived Self: Samples from Facebook

on Facebook. Last accessed at 24. 09. 2014. Castañeda, Hector-Neri. 1983. The Self and Its Guises. Noûs vol. 17 no. 1:60-62. Eggers, Dave. 2013. The Circle. London: Penguin. Eler, Alicia. 2012. Why People Have Fake Facebook Profiles. Last accessed at 24. 09. 2014. Genette, Gérard. 2002 [1987]. Seuils. Paris: Seuil. Genette

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Is Facebook Really Facing the Needs of its Current Users?

, Issue 3, [online: February 13, 2019], STATISTA , Number of monthly active Facebook users worldwide as of 2nd quarter 2018, [online: October 28, 2018], STATISTA , Distribution of Facebook users worldwide as of October 2018, by age and gender, [online: October 28, 2018], EMARKETER (2018), Facebook Losing Younger Users, [online

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The Pragmatics of Arabic Religious Posts on Facebook: A Relevance-Theoretic Account

References Albirini, Abdulkafi. 2016. Modern Arabic Sociolinguistics: Diglossia, Variation, Codeswitching, Attitudes and Identity. London: Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group. Al-Rawi, Ahmed. 2016. Facebook as a Virtual Mosque: The Online Protest Against Innocence of Muslims. Culture and Religion 17(1). 19-34 doi: 10.1080/14755610.2016.1159591 Arab Social Media Report. Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Government. [Online] Available from: [Accessed: 15th

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Intercultural marketing: Culture and its influence on the efficiency of Facebook marketing communication

References Bajzíková, Ľ., Šajgalíková, H., Wojčák, E. and Poláková, M. (2014), “Dynamics of changes toward knowledge-based economy in Slovak SMEs”, Procedia Social and Behavioral Sciences, Vol. 150, pp. 637-647. Azar, S., Machado, J., Vacas-De-Carvalho and L., M. A. (2016), “Motivations to interact with brands on Facebook - Towards a typology of consumer-brand interactions”, Journal of Brand Management , Vol. 2, No. 23, pp. 153-178. Dessart, L., Veloutsou, C. and Morgan-Thomas, A. (2015), “Consumer engagement in online brand communities: A

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The Czech Singers Critical of Islam and Refugees on Facebook in the Age of the “Migration Crisis” (2015–2017)

-natocila-hudebni-video-ve-kterem-podnecuje-narod-k-nenavisti-hrozi-ji-vezeni/ (30 October 2017). Brichta, Aleš. Ales Brichta hudebník OSVČ, Facebook : available at (31 July 2017). Český rozhlas (2016): Ivan Mládek: Píseň Pražská mešita byla zábavná. Dělám si v ní legraci Čechů, kteří se bojí islámu, Český rozhlas (24 Februrary): available at (30 November 2017). Čok, Vilém. Vilém Čok, Facebook : available at https://www.facebook

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The Nature of the Facebook Group Learning Environment: Insights from University Students

REFERENCES Al-Shehri, S. (2011). Connectivism: A new pathway for theorising and promoting mobile language learning. International Journal of Innovation and Leadership on the Teaching of Humanities , 1 (2), 10-31. Bani-Hani, N. A., Al-Sobh, M. A., & Abu-Melhim, A-R. H. (2014) Utilizing Facebook groups in teaching writing: Jordanian EFL students’ perceptions and attitudes. International Journal of English Linguistics , 4 (5), 27-34. Benaquisto, L. (2008). Codes and coding. In Given, L. M. (Ed.). The

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