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The Single Market and Synchronized Mechanisms for the Exercise of Administrative Functions: Converging Pathways or New Pathways for Integration? The Case of the European Banking Union

Law of the European Court of Justice on European Central Bank Independence between Substance and Form’, Maastricht Journal of European and Comparative Law , XXIII(1): 79-98. • Bartl Marija, 2015, ‘Internal Market Rationality, Private Law and the Direction of the Union: Resuscitating the Market as the Object of the Political’, European Law Journal , XXI(5): 572-598. • Bassan Fabio, 2014, ‘The resolution procedure: misunderstanding the institutional balance’, in Barucci Emilio and Messori Marcello (eds), Towards the European Banking Union , Passigli

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Should Non-Euro Area Countries Join the Single Supervisory Mechanism?

/02. Pisani-Ferry, J., Sapir, A., Véron, N.,Wolff, G. B. (2012). What Kind of European Banking Union? Bruegel Policy Contribution, 2012/12. Reuters (2013). EU Executive Warns National Bank Supervisors over Discrimination. Retrieved February 4, 2013 from Schäuble, W. (2013). Banking Union Must Be Built on Firm Foundations. Financial Times, 12 May. Available at

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The Asymmetric Implementation of the European Banking Union (EBU): Consequences for Financial Stability

. 141–165. Hardy, D. C., Nieto, M. J. (2011), Cross-border Coordination of Prudential Supervision and Deposit Guarantees, Journal of Financial Stability , 7 (3), pp. 155–164. Holthausen, C., Rønde, T. (2005), Cooperation in International Banking Supervision, European Central Bank, Working Paper Series , No. 316, Frankfurt/Main. Houston, J. F., Lin, C., Ma, Y. (2012), Regulatory Arbitrage and International Bank Flows, Journal of Finance , 67, pp. 1845–1895. Hüttl, P., Schoenmaker, D. (2016), Should the ‘Outs’ Join the European Banking Union

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The First Steps Toward the Banking Union’s Implementation and Effects on the Eurozone Banking Sector

References Angeloni, I. (2016) European banks and the banking union, Remarks by the member of the ECB’s Supervisory Board at the European American Economic Forum organized by Euronext and the European American Chamber of Commerce, New York, June 7, 2016. Bremus, F. and C. Lambert (2014) Banking Union and Bank Regulation: Banking Sector Stability and Europe (DIW Economic Bulletin 9/2014). Elliott, D. (2012) Key issues on European banking union: Trade-offs and some recommendations(Global Economy and Development

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Brexit and new perspectives of an unconventional way of Eurozone revival

: 8. Kyriazis, N. & Economou, E.M.L. (2016). “The memoranda trap and the near fall of Greece”, in D. Caldwell (ed.). Greece: Economic Crises and Management (pp. 75-93). New York: Nova Publishers. 9. Kyriazis, N. A. (2017). Eurozone Debt Monetization and Helicopter Money Drops: How Viable can this be?. Journal of Central Banking Theory and Practice, 6(3), 5-15. 10. Kyriazis, N. A., & Economou, E. M. (2017). The Relation of Brexit with the UK’s QE

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Challenges to the Implementation of a New Framework for Safeguarding Financial Stability

, November 2013, Frankfurt. 12. European Systemic Risk Board, (2011), Recommendation of the European Systemic Risk Board of 22 December 2011, on the macro-prudential mandate of national authorities, ESRB/2011/3. 13. Goodhart, C.A.E. (2010), The changing role of central banks, BIS, Working papers No 326. Verhelst, S., 2013, Assessing the Single Supervisory Mechanism: Passing the Point of No Return for European Banking Union, Egmont Paper 58, Egmont - The Royal Institute for International Relations, Brussels. 14. Frait, J. and

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Alternative Views on the Participation of Non-Euro Zone Countries at the Bank Union

Paper, WP/11/238 Neagu F., Tatarici L., Mihai I. (2014) Implementing loan-to-value and debt to income ratios: learning from country experiences, International Monetary Fund, Monetary and Capital Markets Department project Schoenmaker D., Siegmann A. (2013). Winners of a European Banking Union. DSF Policy Committee on the Global Financial System (CGFS) ( 2012). Operationalising the selection and application of macroprudential instruments, Bank For International Settlements, Papers No 48, retrieved from http

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Design and Factors Affecting State Supervision of the Financial Market

Towards Banking Union. Bruegel Policy Contribution, 2012/16. Véron, N. and Wolff, G.B. (2013). From Supervision to Resolution: Next Steps on The Road to European Banking Union. Bruegel Policy Contribution, 2013/04. Wałcerz, D. (2005). Ewolucja nadzoru. Miesięcznik Ubezpieczeniowy, 4/2005. Zieleniewski, J. (1972). Organizacja zespołów ludzkich. Warszawa: PWN.

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Structure of the Passive Side of a Bank’s Balance Sheet Versus the Pari Passu and No-Creditor-Worse-Off Rules

standards ], Difin, Warszawa. Koleśnik J., 2014, Przeregulowanie działalności bankowej w Unii Europejskiej [ Overregulation of the banking activity in the European Union ], Studia Ekonomiczne, nr 186, Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny w Katowicach. Koleśnik J., 2015, Jednolity mechanizm restrukturyzacji i uporządkowanej likwidacji [ Single resolution mechanism ], [w:] M. Zaleska (ed.), Europejska unia bankowa [ European banking union ], Difin, Warszawa. Koleśnik J., 2017, Bank Recovery and Resolution Mechanisms in non-Banking Union Countries , [w:] Z

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