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Estonia’s comprehensive approach to national defence: origins and dilemmas

References Adler, E.; Barnett, M. (1998): Security Communities. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Andžans, M.; Veebel, V. (2017). Deterrence Dilemma in Latvia and Estonia:Finding the Balance between External Military Solidarity and Territorial Defence. Journal on Baltic Security, 3 (2), 29−41. Ayoob, M. (1991): The Security Problematic of the Third World. World Politics , Vol. 43, Issue 02, January, pp 257–283. Baldwin, D. A. (1997): The

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Ethnic Russian Minority in Estonia

References Aptekar S., Countries to Ireland Contexts of Exit in the Migration of Russian Speakers from the Baltic , “Ethnicities” 9(4), 2009, 507–526. Barany Z., Moser R. (Eds.), Ethnic politics after communism , New York: Cornell University Press 2005. Best M., The ethnic Russian minority: A problematic issue in the Baltic States , “Verges: Germanic & Slavic Studies in Review”, 2(1), 2013, 33–41. Brosing M., A plan for the future? The Estonian State Integration Program on National Minirities 2000–2007 , “Journal on Ethnopolitics and

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Migration Processes In Contemporary Estonia

References Antrop, M., Why landscapes of the past are important for the future. “Landscape and Urban Planning”, 1-2, 2005, pp. 21-34. Castles, S. and de Haas. H, and Miller. M. J, Age of Migration. Palgrave, New York 2013. Castles, S., International Migration at the Beginning of the Twenty-First Century: Global Trends and Issues, “International Social Science Journal”, 165, 2010, pp. 269-281. Kowalenko, J., and Mensah. P, and Leončikas. T, New Immigrations In Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Legal

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The Discursive Construction of Innovation Policy in Peripheralising Estonia

REFERENCES APPLICA, ISMERI and WIIW (2006), ‘Ex Post Evaluation of Cohesion Policy Programmes 2000–2006’ financed by the European Regional Development Fund in Objective 1 and 2 Regions, Working package 1: Coordination, analysis and synthesis , Task 4: Development and achievements in Member States: Estonia , Applica, Ismeri Europa and wiiw Consortium. BACHTLER, J., YUILL, D. and DAVIES, S. (2005), ‘Regional policy and innovation’, EoRPA Paper , 5. BACHTLER, J. and McMASTER, I. (2007), ‘EU cohesion policy and the role of the regions

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Media Use in Estonia
Trends and Patterns

References Emor 2004 - The number of Internet users in Estonia has exceeded 600 000. Emor news archive 22.06.2004. Europe Internet Usage 2004 - Europe Internet Usage Stats and 2004 Population Statistics. Finnish Mass Media 2002, 2004. Helsinki: Statistics Finland. Hasebrink, Uwe & Anja Herzog (2004) Mediennutzung im internationalen Vergleich. In Christiane Matzen & Anja Herzog (ed) Internationale Handbuch Medien 2004

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Estonia And UNIFIL: The Benefits to a Small State of UN Peacekeeping

Bibliography [1] Adamowski, J., 2017. Estonia joins Finland in howitzer procurement, Defense News , 6 February 2017 [online] [Accessed 29 September 2017]. [2] Alexander, D. and Croft, A., 2015. U.S. defense chief voices fear of north-south NATO divide, Reuters , 5 February 2015 [online] [Accessed 18 September 2017]. [3

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Distribution of the Green Network of Estonia

-European Biological and Landscape Diversity Strategy, submitted by the Council of Europe at the Ministerial Conference Environment for Europe (Sofia, Bulgaria, 23-25 October 1995). - Nature and Environment, No. 74, Council of Europe Press. 69 pp. Government of Estonia 1999. Order 763-k. Initiation of thematic plans for county plans. State Gazette Supplement, 110, 1425. EEIC. 2008. Estonian Nature Conservation in 2007. Tallinn, Estonian Environment Information Centre. 80 pp. [WWW document]. - URL http

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Tracing fire cultivation in Estonia

Impact of Swidden Cultivation on Forests in Finland - Extracts. - Suomen Antropology, 4, 199-206. Huttunen, P. 1980. Early land use, especially the slash-and-burn cultivation in the commune of Lammi, southern Finland, interpreted mainly using pollen and charcoal analyses. - Annales Botanica Fennica, 113, 1-45. Jääts, L., Konsa, M., Kihno, K., Tomson, P. 2011. Fire cultivation in Estonian cultural landscapes. - Peil, T., Lang, V., Kull, K. (eds). The Space of Culture. Approaches to Culture Theory I. Tartu, Tartu

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Beyond Neoclassical Economics: The Impact of Religion on the Economic Disparity Between Georgia and Estonia

. 6, pp. 28–46. Kerikmäe, T. (2009), Estonia in the European Legal System: Protection of the Rule of Law through Constitutional Dialogue, Tallinn: Tallinn University. Kerikmäe, T.; Nyman-Metcalf, K.; Gabelaia, D. & Chochia, A (2014), ‘Cooperation of post-Soviets with the aim of not being “post” and “Soviets”,’ in N. Šišková (ed.) From Eastern Partnership to the Association. The Legal and Political Analysis , Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, pp. 144−159. Kuldkepp, M. (2013), ‘The Scandinavian

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Monitoring and modeling of forest ecosystems: the Estonian Network of Forest Research Plots / Metsaökosüsteemide seire ja modelleerimine metsa kasvukäigu püsiproovitükkide võrgustiku abil

). Henttonen, H.M., Mäkinen, H., Heiskanen, J., Peltoniemi, M., Laurén, A., Hordo, M. 2014. Response of radial increment variation of Scots pine to temperature, precipitation and soil water content along a latitudinal gradient across Finland and Estonia. - Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 198-199, 294-308. Hordo, M. 2005. Methods for outliers diagnostics and detecting measurement errors on permanent sample plot network. (Erindite ja mõõtmisvigade avastamise meetoditest puistu kasvukäigu püsiproovitükkide andmestikul). - Forestry Studies / Metsanduslikud

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