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Electricity Supply and Economic Diversification in Nigeria (1981-2016)


The study examined the impact of electricity supply on economic diversification in Nigeria, using time series data from 1981 to 2016. The study employed descriptive analysis and Autoregressive Distributed Lag (ARDL) techniques. The Augmented Dickey-Fuller unit root test showed that the variables are integrated of different orders.

The result from the Bounds co-integration test to show the presence of a long-run relationship among the variables was inconclusive. The short run (ARDL) model, however, indicated a positive insignificant relationship between electricity supply and economic diversification in Nigeria. The findings of the study revealed that the electricity supply had not played a fundamental role in enhancing economic diversification in Nigeria.

The study, therefore, recommended that for Nigeria to drive economic diversification through electricity supply, the government should fix the electricity supply problem which can be achieved by short-term action to reduce technical faults through maintenance of the transmission and distribution infrastructure or long-term interventions to expand generating capacity.

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Multidimensional Risk Management for Underground Electricity Networks

–61. Garcez, T. V., & Almeida, A. T. de. (2013). Multidimensional Risk Assessment of Manhole Events as a Decision Tool for Ranking the Vaults of an Underground Electricity Distribution System. IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, 1–1 . doi:10.1109/TPWRD.2013.2273083 Gilbert, N., & Troitzsch, K. G. (2005). Simulation for the social scientist, McGraw-Hill International. Hagberg A. A., Schult D. A, Swart P.J. (2008). Exploring network structure, dynamics, and function using NetworkX. Proceedings of the 7th Python in Science Conference (SciPy2008) , Pasadena, CA USA, 11

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Load forecasting till 2020 of existing and perspective transformer substations in Riga

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Determination of Service Areas of Urban Transformer Substations and Distribution Using Geometrical Templates

. Lakervi, E., & Holmes, E. J. (1996). Electricity distribution network design. London: Peter Peregrinus. Load Forecasting. (2 nd ed-n (2002). New York: Marcel Dekker Inc.

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Selection of schemes of switchgears for new 110 kV substations

References Krišāns Z., Oļeiņikova I., Mutule A., Kutjuns, A., "LDM-AD'04 versija2, Apraksts instrukcija" (instruction) Latvian Science Academy, Physical energetic institute, Power system mathematical modelling laboratory, 2004, 82p. (in Latvian language). Standard EN 61078:2006 "Analysis techniques for dependability - Reliability block diagram and Boolean methods". p. 39. E. Lakervi, E. J. Holmes "Electricity distribution network design" 2nd Edition

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Measurement of company effectiveness using analytic network process method

. (2006): Decison making with the Analytic Network Process: Economic, Political, Social and Technological Applications with Benefits, Opportunities, Costs and Risks . New York: Springer, p. 8. [6] Janjić, G., Tanasić, Y., Kosec, B. (2015): The Methodology of Monitoring the Implementation of a Strategy in Electricity Distribution Enterprise. Transactions of Famena , XXXIX-3, pp. 61-75.

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Gas Distribution Benchmarking of Utilities from Slovenia, the Netherlands and the UK: an Application of Data Envelopment Analysis

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Probability Density Functions of Voltage Sags Measured Indices

Distribution Network According to EN 50160 Standard — Case Study, 19 th International Conference and Exhibition on Electricity Distribution (CIRED), Vienna, 2007.

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Evaluation of Distribution Network Customer Outage Costs

Communities, 2004. Billington, R. "Customer outage costs" , The 9th International Conference on Probabilistic Methods Applied to Power Systems June 11-15, 2006. K. Alvehag, "Impact of Dependiecies in Risk Assessments of Power Distribution Systems" , Licentiate Thesis, KTH, 2008. Henry Lagland, K. Kauhaniemi, "Outage cost comparison of different medium voltage networks," 19th International Conference on Electricity Distribution, CIRED 2007 JSC Latvenergo annual report

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Implementation of TPA (Third Party Access) principle in Polish energy sector

Ekonomicznego we Wrocławiu, Wrocław DiLarenzo T. J. (1996), The Myth of Natural Monopoly , ‘The Review of Austrian Economics’, Vol. 9, No. 2 Dobroczyńska A. (ed.) (2003) Energetyka w Unii Europejskiej, Droga do konkurencji na rynku energii elektrycznej i gazu , URE, Biblioteka Regulatora, Warszawa Filippini M. (1998), Are municipal electricity distribution utilities natural monopol? , ‘Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics’, No. 2 Fornalczyk (2007), Biznes a

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