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Rhapsody of Modern Drama through
The Life of Lazarillo de Tormes and of His Fortunes and Adversities

drame moderne, de Ibsen à Jean-Marie Koltès , Seuil, 2012. Chapitre VI. Shakespeare, William, La Tempête , livre de Poche, 2011. Shelley, Mary, Frankenstein ou Le Prométhée moderne, Gallimard, Folio SF, 2015. Sloterdijk, Peter, Règles pour le parc humain , Mille Et une Nuits, 2010. Szondi, Peter, Theorie des modernen Dramas . Frankfurt am Main, Suhrkamp Verlag, 1956. Tolkien, J. R. R., The Fellowship of the Ring, The Lord of the Rings , Le chant d’Aragorn tome I, chap.10, 1954, Boston. Twain, Mark, Ad ventures de Huckleberry

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Applied Drama and Theatre – Drama Techniques in Teaching English for Specific Purposes

training. London- New York: Routledge. 130-143. Boal, Augusto. 2002. Games for actors and non-actors. New York: Routledge. 2006. The aesthetics of the oppressed. London: Routledge. Bogart, Anne- Landau, Tina. 2005. The viewpoints book: A practical guide to viewpoints and composition. New York: Theatre Communications Group. Bolton, Gavin. 1993. A tanítási dráma elmélete. Budapest: Marczibányi Téri Művelődési Központ. 1994. Az oktatási dráma és színházi nevelés összehasonlítása. In: Szauder, Erik (ed.), Dráma - oktatás

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Creative Drama in Support Therapies for Children with Learning Disorders

Teacher Education. vol. 18, n. 2, February 2002, p. 151 -158. KOŤÁTKOVÁ, S.: Vybrané kapitoly z dramatické výchovy. Praha: Karolinum, 2008. KOVÁČOVÁ, B.: Práca s bábkou. Bratislava: UK, 2011. MACHKOVÁ, E.: Metodika dramatické výchovy. Praha: ARTAMA, 2007. MAJZLANOVÁ, K.: Dramatoterapia v liečebnej pedagogike. Bratislava: IRIS, 2004. O´NEILL, C. - LAMBERT, A.: Drama structures. In MACHKOVÁ, E.: Úvod do studia dramatické výchovy. Praha: ARTAMA, 1998. PASCH, M. et. al.: Od

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The Use of the Drama Pedagogical Method in the Training of Cultural Project Managers

References BOLTON, G.: A tanítási dráma elmélete. [A theory of teaching drama]. In Színházi füzetek V. Theatrical notebooks Sun Marczibányi Téri Művelődési központ. Budapest: Marczibányi Square Cultural Center, 1996. FOUCAULT, M.: Polemics and Problematizations. In The Foucault Reader. Ed. P. Rabinov (Paul Rabinov interview). Harmondsworth: Penguin, 1986. HUSZÁR, Z.: „Igazi” dráma-e a passiójáték? [“Real” Passion in the e-drama?]. In Posztulátum, 1, 1981, pp. 15-25. KAPOSI, L.: Dramatikus

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The Four Ps of Creativity in the Drama/Theatre Project Jutka’s Sleeplessness

model for integrating four approaches to the identification of creative talent. In C.W. Taylor, F. Barron (Eds). Scientific creativity: Its recognition and development. New York: Wiley. Nęcka, E. (2001). Psychologia twórczości. [Psychology of creativity]. Gdansk: GWP. O’Neill, C. (1995). Drama Worlds. A Framework for Process Drama, Portsmouth: NH, Heinemann. Rhodes, M. (1961). An analysis of creativity, Phi Delta Kappan 42, 7. Richards, R. (1999). Four Ps of creativity. In M. A. Runco, S. R. Pritzker

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Utilizing the Consensual Assessment Technique to Compare Creativity in Drama Spaces

). Perceptions of the best and worst climates for creativity: Preliminary validation evidence for the situational outlook questionnaire. Creativity Research Journal , 13 (2), 171-184. Issacharoff, M. (1981). Space and reference in drama. Poetics Today , 2 (3), 211-224. Johnson, C. (2004). Creativity in drama: thinking from within. In R. Fisher & M. Williams (Eds.), Unlocking creativity: Teaching across the curriculum. London: David Fulton Publishers. Johnson, R. B., Onwuegbuzie, A. J., & Turner, L. A. (2007). Toward a definition of mixed methods

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Creativity in Somebody Else's Shoes

References Birch, A. & Malim T. (1998). Psychologia rozwojowa w zarysie. Od niemowlectwa do doroslosci [Developmental Psychology in the outline. From infancy to adulthood]. Warsaw: PWN. Bowell, P. & Heap, B. (2000). Sign as the concrete manifestation of frame tension in process drama. In Ch. Lawrence Drama Research. The Research Journal of National Drama, 1, April, London: National Drama Publications. Dewey, J. (1988). Jak myslimy [How we think?]. Warsaw: PWN. Erikson, E.H. (1997). Dziecinstwo i

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Legal Drama and Audiovisual Translation: The Role of Legal English in the Construction of Stereotyped Representations


Considering the overwhelming amount of media products that we are subjected to in the 21st century and the way in which those inevitably influence our perception of reality, this research pays specific attention to the role of the media in the construction and enhancement of stereotypes in everyday life, via the language or, more specifically, specialized languages. In particular, this paper aims to investigate an American legal TV series in order to analyze the way in which legal English is used in dialogues. The major research questions are: to what extent such a kind of specialized discourse may be really understood by the greater audience? How does legal drama participate in the shaping of stereotypes relating to the legal environment in the country where it is produced, and cross-culturally, bearing in mind the prominence of “made in the USA” products in the television programming across the world? Ultimately, in the light of the previous questions, should the growing field of research in audiovisual translation extend its investigation into the area of legal English? Taking into consideration the seminal work of Pedersen (2008) and Diaz Cintas (2008) in the field of Audiovisual Translation (AVT), the study will examine the subtitling techniques employed for this atypical genre. Through the analysis of a corpus comprising several dialogues from a collection of episodes of the legal show Reckless, the paper will mostly focus on gender representations and their most common linguistically enhanced stereotypes.

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Trauma Drama: Victims’ Traumatic Memories in Kay Adshead’s the Bogus Woman (2001) and Timberlake Wertenbaker’s Credible Witness (2001).

References Adshead, Kay. The Bogus Woman . London: Oberon Modern Playwrights, 2001. Aston, Elaine. “The ‘Bogus Woman’: Feminism and Asylum Theatre”. Modern Drama, 46:1 (Spring 2003): 5. Billington, Michael. Guardian, Theatre Record, 21.4 (2001): 184. Felman, Shoshana and Dori Laub. Testimony. Crises of Witnessing in Literature, Psychoanalysis, and History . New York and London: Routledge, 1992. Grehan, Helena. Performance, Ethics and Spectatorship in a Global Age

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Polish Contemporary Legal System in Court Shows and Courtroom Dramas

vanishing line between law and popular culture, University of Chicago Press 2000. K. Laster, K. Breckweg, J. King , The drama of the courtroom , Federation Press 2000. S. Machura, P. Robson (eds.), Law and Film: Representing Law in Movies , Cambridge 2001. P. Bergman, M. Asimov, Reel justice: the courtroom goes to the movies , Kansas City 2006. G. Osborn, S. Greenfeld (eds.), Readings in law and popular culture , Routledge 2006. S. Wojtczak, Czy prawnikom potrzebna jest mitologia ? [ Do lawyers need mythology ?] (in:) Etyka, deontologia, prawo [Ethics

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