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Our goal is to investigate the extent of the appropriation, by hermeneutic phenomenology, of the concept of transcendental at work in descriptive psychology, where it plays the role of a universal principle of the constitutive genesis of intentionality. We aim to clarify how the very mode of operation of Husserlian phenomenology is crucial to the elaboration of fundamental ontology. Our hypothesis is that intentionality leads Heidegger to the discovery of time as a transcendental principle, of being as an a priori, and of comprehensibility that enables the signification of entities in general as a previous structure of the a priori.

psychology, and Gestalt theory. After analiyzing the significance of the descriptive psychological account of the Lvov-Warsaw School for Blaustein, he then discusses the reception of Dilthey’s concept in Blaustein’s descriptive psychology and stresses Gestalt the- oretical motives in his work. Plotka efficaciously shows how Blaustein’s innova- tive concept of a phenomenologically oriented descriptive psychology integrates diverse scientific and cultural approaches and develops an original understanding of inner experience. Finally, Damiano Cantone and Luca Taddio

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