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REFERENCES Ali, M.F. (1993). Biological studies on immature and adult stages of Attagenus fasciatus (Thunberg) (Coleoptera: Dermestidae). J.StoredProd.Res. , 29(3): 237-242. Ali, M.F., Mashaly, A.M.A., Mohammed, A.A. & Mohammed, A.M. (2011) . Effect of temperature and humidity on the biology of Attagenus fasciatus (Thunberg) (Coleoptera: Dermestidae). J.StoredProd.Res., 47: 25-31. Arnett, R.H.Jr., Thomas, M.C., Skelley, P.E. & Frank, J.H. (2002) . American beetles, Vol. 2


Entomological collections are the target of various insect pests, e.g. carpet beetles (Dermestidae) and booklice (Psocoptera) which can damage and completely destroy dry specimens in a relatively short time. Collections in the National Museum, Czech Republic (NMP) including the entomological ones are protected by fumigation using commercially available smoke shells ‘Cytrol Super SG’; fumigation is performed twice a year. The active insecticidal substance of these smoke shells is cypermethrin (6.25%). We tested whether the repeated cypermethrin fumigation of the NMP entomological collections negatively affects the quality of mitochondrial DNA in dry specimens and prevents the subsequent use of these samples for molecular analyses required for identification, taxonomy, systematics, and phylogenetic studies. We used 32 freshly fixed specimens of the flower chafer Oxythyrea funesta (Poda von Neuhaus, 1761) and 32 freshly fixed specimens of the brown-tailed cockroach Supella longipalpa (Fabricius, 1798). One half of specimens of both species was stored outside NMP and not fumigated (negative control), and the other half was deposited in collection hall with the NMP insect collection and directly exposed to the fumigation. Subsequently, all specimens were processed in a molecular laboratory under a standardized protocol using one leg as the source tissue after each fumigation, and the 658 bp long barcoding region of the cytochrome oxidase I (cox1) as the testing gene fragment. Results of the PCR product electrophoresis and the sequences acquired confirmed that the repeated fumigation had no negative effect on tested samples.

Results of beetles (Coleoptera) survey of Zástudánčí National Nature Reserve (Central Moravia) 2008 - part 2

Faunistic survey of beetles (Coleoptera) in Zástudánčí National Nature Reserve (Central Moravia) was performed in 2008. Various survey and trapping methods were used in order to record as many species of beetles. The survey recorded 857 species from 64 families. Faunistic data of 41 of them (Nosodendridae, Dermestidae, Anobidae, Cleridae, Melyridae, Sphindidae, Kateretidae, Nitidulidae, Monotomidae, Silvanidae, Cucujidae, Laemophloeidae, Phalacridae, Cryptophagidae, Erotylidae, Byturidae, Bothrideridae, Cerylonidae, Endomychidae, Coccinellidae, Zopheridae, Corylophidae, Latridiidae, Mycetophagidae, Ciidae, Tetratomidae, Melandryidae, Mordellidae, Tenebrionidae, Oedemeridae, Pyrochroidae, Salpingidae, Anthicidae, Scraptiidae, Cerambycidae, Orsodacnidae, Chrysomelidae, Anthribidae, Attelabidae, Apionidae, and Curculionidae) are presented. Presenting data represent 1394 specimens belonging to 401 species. Cucujus cinnaberinus (Cucujidae), species belonging to the NATURA 2000, was recorded.

. Klein, J. A., and W. E. Burkholder: Effects of Dia-nex (methoprene) on growth and reproduction of Trogoderma glabrum (HERBST) (Coleoptera: Der-mestidae); J. Environ. Entomol. 13(5) (1984) 1340—1345.

nitrogen to control wood-destroying insects in works of art. Restauro 97 (4): 246–251. R ust M.K., K ennedy J.M. 1993. The Feasibility of Using Modified Atmospheres to Control Insect Pests in Museums. Internet: T annert W. 1960. Zur Frage des Schutzes von Insektensammlungen gegen Anthrenus spec. (Coleopt.-Dermestidae). Anzeiger für Schädlingskunde 33 (6): 87–92. T avzes C., P ohleven F., K oestler R.J. 2001. Effect of anoxic conditions on wood–decay fungi treated with

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polyamine administration protect β-cells against alloxandiabetogeniceffect in Sprague-Dawley rats. Biomed Pharmacother 59 : 283–289. Mohamed Younes WF, Salah Othman El, Mohamed Elkersh A, Nabila Youssef S, Gihan Omar A.(2011). Effect of seven plant oils on some biochemical parameters in khapra beetle trogoderma granarium everts (coleoptera: dermestidae). Egypt J Exp Biol 7 : 53–61. Nandy S, Paul HS, Barman NR, Chakraborty B. (2012). In vitro evaluation of antioxidant activity of Leucas plukenetii (Roth) Spreng. Asian J Plant Sci Res 2 : 254–262. Naskar S, Islam A