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and the contribution they make to health care systems as they tackle public health challenges depend, to a large extent, on the legislative framework governing their professional practice and determining who can enter the profession. 3 In legislation concerning midwives, the definition and scope of practice of midwifery are very important. Once the occupation of midwife is defined, the scope of practice can be determined and a general societal understanding of the role of midwives can be attained. The definition of midwives can also serve as a reference point that

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THE ISSUE OF THE DEFINITION OF “SOUND RECORDING” IN THE SLOVAK AND CZECH LEGISLATION Norbert Adamov1 Faculty of Law, Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia email: norbert.adamov@fl ADAMOV, Norbert. Th e Issue of the Defi nition of “Sound Recording” in the Slovak and Czech Legislation. International and Comparative Law Review, 2013, Vol. 13., No. 1, pp. 73–85. DOI: 10.1515/iclr-2016-0059. 1. Sound recording, phonorecord or phonogram? Th e collocation”zvukový záznam”2 is usually translated in English as: “sound recording” or “phonogram”. A

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REFERENCES 1. Singbartl K, Kellum JA. AKI in the ICU: definition, epidemiology, risk stratification, and outcomes. Kidney Int 2012; 81(9): 819-25. 2. Ostermann M, Joannidis M. Acute Kidney Injury 2016: diagnosis and diagnostics workup. Crit Care 2016; 20(1): 299-312. 3. Angeli P, Gines P, Wong F, Bernardi M, Boyer TD, Gerbes A, et al. Diagnosis and management of acute kideny injury in patients with cirrhosis: revised consensus recommendations of the International Club of Ascites. Gut 2015; 64(4): 531-7. 4. Wong F. The evolving concept of acute kidney injury in

, it has been stressed that the implementation science community should provide guidelines for reporting the use of theoretical frameworks within implementation studies and their efficacy ( 9 ). This is important because few hospital-based interventions are essentially theoretical ( 10 ). The Health Foundation definition ( 8 , p. 7) states clearly that improvement science ‘requires a systematic, scientifically rigorous approach to close the gap between current and best practice.’ In the case of quality improvement, theory needs development, which draws from a better