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Presumptions of Decentralisation in the Context of Institutional and Political Economy

. Dafflon, B., Madies, T. (2009). Décentralisation: quelques principes issus de la théorie du fédéralisme financier. [Decentralization: A Few Principles from the Theory of Fiscal Federalism.] Notes and documents 42. – Paris: Agence Française de Développement. 8. Devas, N. (2008). Decentralisation and the Implications for Local Government Finance / In Devas, N., Alam, M., Delay, S., Koranteng, RO and Venkatachalam, P., Financing Local Government, Commonwealth Secretariat. – London, pp. 11–23. 9. Dorfman, J. (1934). Thorstein Veblen and His America. – Cambridge

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Quality of Government and Decentralization in Romania

Working Paper’, The World Bank Development Research Group Macroeconomics and Growth Team. Matei, A and F. Popa (2009) Impact of Decentralization on the Corruption Phenomenon , MPRA Paper. Muller, U. (2009) From Subsidiarity to Success: The Impact of Decentralisation on Economic Growth - Creating a Decentralisation Index , researched and produced for Assembly of European Region. North D.C. (1990) Institutions, Institutional Change and Economic Performance . Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press. North D.C. (1998) ‘Where have we been and

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Fiscal Decentralization and Delivery of Public Services: Evidence from Education Sector in Pakistan

6. References Alderman, H. (1998). “ Social Assistance in Albania: Decentralization and Targeted Transfers ”. LSMS Working Paper no. 134, World Bank, Washington D.C. Azfar, O. and J. Livingston (2002). “Federalist Disciplines or Local Capture? An Empirical Analysis of Decentralization in Uganda.” IRIS, University of Maryland. Azfar, O., S. Kahkonen, and P. Meagher (2001). “Conditions for Effective Decentralised Governance: A Synthesis of Research Findings. ” IRIS working paper # 256, University of Maryland. Azfar, O., S. Kahkonen, J

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Normative Versus Positive Approach to Fiscal Decentralisation and the Measures of Decentralisation. An Analysis based on the Example of Selected Countries of Central and Eastern Europe

References Bird R. (1993), Treading the fiscal labyrinth: some issues in fiscal decentralization , ‘National Tax Journal’, Vol. 46, No. 2. Bird R.M., Gendron P. (2000), CVAT, VIVAT and Dual VAT: Vertical “sharing” and interstate trade , ‘International Tax and Public Finance’, No. 7. Brennan G. and Buchanan J.M. (1980), The Power to Tax: Analytical Foundations of a Fiscal Constitution, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. Breton A. (1996), Competitive Governments. An Economic Theory of Politics and Public Finance , Cambridge

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Fiscal Decentralization: Is It a Good Choice for the Small New Member States of the EU?

of Political Economy 98, 108-125, 1990 [4] Davoodi, Hamid, Heng-fu Zou, Fiscal Decentralization and Economic Growth:A Cross-Country Study, Journal of Urban Economics, 43, p.p. 244-257, 1998 [5] Eurostat. Statistics Database., accessed on March 22, 2012 [6] Malik Shahnawaz, Hassan Mahmood-ul, Hussain Shahzad, Fiscal Decentralisation and Economic Growth in Pakistan, The Pakistan Development Review 45: 4 Part II (Winter 2006), pp. 845-854, 2006 [7] Oates, Wallace E

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Economic Inequalities and the Level of Decentralization in European Countries: Cluster Analysis

References AER (2009), From Subsidiarity to Success: The Impact of Decentralization on Economic Growth , ‘Assembly of European Regions’. Amable B. (2003), The Diversity of Modern Capitalism , Oxford University Press, Oxford. Bednářová P., Laboutková Š. (2014), Decentralization as a Factor Influencing Economic Imbalances in the European Countries , ‘Ekonomický časopis/ Journal of Economics’, no. 62. Bodman P., Hodge A. (2010), What Drives Fiscal Decentralization? Further Assessing the Role of Income , ‘Fiscal Studies’, no. 31

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Systematizing Decentralization and Privacy: Lessons from 15 Years of Research and Deployments

evaluation of relay selection in Tor. In 20th Network and Distributed System Security Symposium , 2013. [160] M. Wachs, F. Oehlmann, and C. Grothoff. Automatic transport selection and resource allocation for resilient communication in decentralised networks. In 14th IEEE International Conference on Peer-to-Peer Computing , 2014. [161] M. Wachs, M. Schanzenbach, and C. Grothoff. A censorship-resistant, privacy-enhancing and fully decentralized name system. In 13th International Conference on Cryptology and Network Security , 2014. [162] M. Waldman and D

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(Dis)Advantages af Decentralization Models Driven by Non-Economic Reasons: The Case of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Challenge of Fiscal Decentralization in Transition Countries. Comparative Economic Studies 48: 100-131. Dabla-Norris, E. and Wade, P. 2002. The Challenge of Fiscal Decentralisation in Transition Countries. IMF Working Paper No.02/103. Davoodi, H. and Zou, H. 1998, Fiscal Decentralization and Economic Growth: A Cross-Country Study. Journal of Urban Economics 43:244-257. Deprins, D. and Simar L. 1983. On Farrell measures of technical efficiency. Recherches Economiques de Louvain 49(2): 123-137. Easterly W. and

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Decentralization Reform in Ukraine: Assessment of the Chosen Transformation Model

REFERENCES BAFOIL, F. (2010), Regionalization and decentralization in a comparative perspective. Eastern Europe and Poland , Warszawa: Ministerstwo Rozwoju Regionalnego. BORYSLAVSKA, O., ZAVERUKHA, I. and ZAKHARCHENKO, E. (2012), Decentralization of public power: European experience and prospects for Ukraine , Kyiv: Sofia Ltd. (In Ukrainian). BUCHYNSKA, A. (2010), ‘Legal grounds of local self-government functioning in Poland and Ukraine: a comparative analysis’, Juridical Bulletin. Air and space law , 3, pp. 28–33. (In Ukrainian). DEVEY

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Partial Fiscal Decentralization and Local Government Spending Policy

R eferences Asatryan, Z., Feld, L.P., Geys, B. (2015). Partial Fiscal Decentralization and Sub-National Government Fiscal Discipline: Empirical Evidence from OECD Countries. Public Choice, 163 (3–4), 307–320. Received from: . Bach, S., Blöchliger, H., Wallau, D. (2009). The Spending Power of Sub-central Governments: a Pilot Study (OECD Network on Fiscal Relations Across Levels of Government). Retrieved from . Barankay, I., Lockwood, B. (2007

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