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Collaborative and Individual Vocabulary Building Using ICT

vocabulary learning?’ Issues in Educational Research , 19(2): 175–189. Bauer-Ramazani, C. 2015. ‘Action Research: Using Quizlet for Mobile Vocabulary Learning and Retention.’ TESOL 2015 Presentations . Retrieved 1 September 2017 from Bilová, Š. 2017.’ Google Docs in Language Teaching and Learning.’ CASALC Review , 7(2), in print. Chien, C.-W. 2015. ‘Analysis the Effectiveness of Three Online Vocabulary Flash-card Websites on L2 Learners’ Level of Lexical Knowledge.’ English

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Efficiency of SVM classifier with Word2Vec and Doc2Vec models

Engineering Informatics, 22 (1), 106-111. Jivani, A. G. (2011). A comparative study of stemming algorithms. Int. J. Comp. Tech. Appl , 2 (6), 1930-1938. Lau, J. H., & Baldwin, T. (2016). An empirical evaluation of doc2vec with practical insights into document embedding. arXiv preprint arXiv:1607.05368 . Lilleberg, J., Zhu, Y., & Zhang, Y. (2015). Support vector machines and word2vec for text classification with semantic features. 2015 IEEE 14th International Conference on Cognitive Informatics & Cognitive Computing (ICCI* CC) (pp. 136-140). Beijing

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Knowledge Management and Organizational Culture: An Exploratory Study


Purpose of the article Knowledge has been considered as the strategic assets and become the source of competitive advantage in organizations. Knowledge management thus receives the extraordinary attention from the top management. Many organizational factors have influences on knowledge management practices. This paper attempts to explore the empirical relationship between knowledge management and organizational culture in the specific situation of China’s commercial banking industry. Methodology/methods The relationship between knowledge management and organizational culture is quantitatively investigated by surveying bank managers. The scale of SECI modes is used to measure knowledge management process and the scale of Denison Organizational Culture Survey (DOCS) is used to measure organizational culture. We explore the underlying relationship by employing the statistical analyses such as correlation, regression and structural equation modeling. Scientific aim The research aims at testing the relationship between knowledge management and organizational culture, and furthermore if there exist linkages between cultural traits and SECI modes. Findings The results of the empirical study confirm the great and positive effect that organizational culture has on knowledge management. Different cultural traits contribute to different SECI modes. Conclusions For obtaining successful knowledge management practices in organizations, it is better to concern about the relationship between knowledge management and organizational culture. The limitation in the paper is the sampling size, which will be solved by an industry-wide survey in our future research.

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The Influence of Selected Factors on the Removal of Anionic Contaminants from Water by Means of Ion Exchange MIEX®DOC Process

oczyszczania wody w procesie MIEX®DOC , Ochrona Środowiska, 27 , (4), 19-26 (2005). Mołczan, M., A.M. Karpińska-Portela: Ocena teoretycznych i praktycznych możliwości usuwania substancji organicznych z wody w procesie magnetycznej wymiany anionowej , Ochrona Środowiska, 31 , (1), 31-36 (2009). Rajca M.: Zastosowanie procesu MIEX®DOC w połaczeniu z mikro- i ultrafiltracją do oczyszczania wody , [w:] Aktualne zagadnienia w uzdatnianiu i dystrybucji wody, 2 , 2011, 137-145. Rajca M.: Proces MIEX®DOC

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Introductory note
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Uncertainties in dissolved organic carbon load estimation in a small stream

water quality data. Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci. 11, 863-874. Tian, Y.Q., Wang, D., Chen, R.F., Huang, W., 2012. Using modeled runoff to study DOC dynamics in stream and river flow: A case study of an urban watershed southeast of Boston, Massachusetts. Ecol. Eng., 42, 212-222. Vidon, P., Hubbard L.E., Soyeux E., 2009. Impact of sampling strategy on stream load estimates in till landscape of the Midwest. Environ. Monit. Assess., 159, 367-379.

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The relationship between dissolved organic carbon and hydro-climatic factors in peat-muck soil

in comparison with soil temperature]. Woda-Środowisko-Obszary Wiejskie. T. 8. Z. 1(22) p. 117–126. K albitz K. 2001. Properties of organic matter in soil solution in a German fen area as dependent on land use and depth. Geoderma. Vol. 104. Iss. 3–4 p. 203–214. K albitz K., R upp H., M eissner R. 2002. N-, P- and DOC-dynamics in soil and groundwater after restoration of intensively cultivated fens. In: Wetlands in Central Europe. Eds. G. Broll, W. Merbach, E.-M. Pfeiffer. Berlin. Springer p. 99–116. N adany P., S apek A. 2004. Zróżnicowanie

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