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The article deals with a reduction of friction coefficient of bearing steel 100Cr6. Reduction of friction was achieved by means of a CarbonX DLC coating. The coating exhibited excellent friction and mechanical properties. This coating was applied to samples made of 100Cr6 bearing steel. The friction results of the CarbonX coating were compared to the friction results of the 100Cr6 bearing steel. Reducing the friction of 100Cr6 bearing steel resulted in reduced wear and increase lifetime. The friction process of the samples will take place in an environment without lubrication. The aim of the article is to verify the behaviour of the DLC coating without the presence of lubricant in the friction node. The achieved results are to be interpreted in the conclusion of article.

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The paper deals with a quality of the PVD coated HSS taps when cutting the stainless austenitic chromiumnickel non-stabilized steel DIN 1.4301 (X5CrNi 18-10). The main attention is focused on the analysis of loading (cutting moment, specific energy) of the HSS taps by means of pieso-electrical dynamometer Kistler 9272 and the relation between the quality of duplex and triplex PVD coatings and their effects on the quality of machined thread surfaces and tool life of the taps. The results showed a safe and stabilized cutting with acceptable quality of threads for HSSE with the TiN+TiCN+DLC coating.

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