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In many contexts of contemporary special education, its main present and future challenges are the implementation of effective inclusive education, the preparation of the required conditions, space and relations of safe functioning of a child with disabilities or special education needs together with healthy, able-bodied peers. Are the long-standing dreams of parents and many special educators regarding the equal rights of all people with disabilities, and in particular the right to education closest to the child’s place of residence, genuinely achieved nowadays? The diagnosis of selected municipal schools shows the real situation of the implementation of inclusive education. Are these successes already being achieved today? Or is it still a educational reality?


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the usage of mobile applications, mobile search ranks third after instant communication and news applications. College students are the major users of mobile search. As the popularity of mobile search among young people continues to grow, many mobile service providers have engaged with mobile search applications development to attract college students. In order to design applications and services for particular information needs and mobile contexts, it is necessary to understand how user motivation and context influence their search behaviors. To this end, we

implementation of construction projects, it can be argued that the usage of project management approaches is effective and useful. Nevertheless, an essential prerequisite will be an integrated understanding of both the project processes and the project product. An integrated understanding is formed in a blended mental space. This space exists during the project implementation. It originates at the intersection of other mental spaces: the project manager/project team, the movable context, and the stakeholders. How do these mental spaces interact with each other during the

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