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Does the Global Competitiveness Index Demonstrate the Resilience of Countries to Economic Crises?

References Aghion P., P. Howitt. (2005). Appropriate Growth Policy: a Unifying Framework. The 2005 Joseph Schumpeter Lecture, delivered to the 20th Annual Congress of the European Economic Association, 2005 August 9. Cornelius P. (2002). Creating Value: From Comparative to Competitive Advantage. Some Conceptual Issues. Executive Forum on National Export Strategies. Fagerberg J. (1988). International Competitiveness. The Economic Journal, 98 (June 1988), p. 355-374. Gaglio C. (2015). Measuring

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Measuring methods of the corporate competitiveness, and those weaknesses

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Towards a Taxonomy of International Competitiveness

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Competitiveness of Companies in the Competitive Environment - The Essential Question of Performance Management

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Competitiveness - higher education

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Poland’s Long‑Term Competitive Position from the Perspective of WEF Global Competitiveness Reports

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Footnotes to organizational competitiveness

-31. Dierickx, I., & Cool, K. (1989). Asset stock accumulation and sustainability of competitive advantage. Management Science , 35 , 1504-1511. DiMaggio, P. J., & Powell, W. W. (1983). The iron cage revisited: Institutional isomorphism and collective rationality in organizational fields. American Sociological Review , 48 , 147-160. Donaldson, L. (1998). The myth of paradigm incommensurability in management studies: Comments by an integrationist. Organization , 5 , 267-272. Dunning, J. H., & Lundan, S. M. (2008). Multinational enterprises and the

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A comparative analysis of Lubelskie and Kujawsko-Pomorskie voivodships in the context of environmental competitiveness of regions

, B., 2003: Regional competitiveness indicators for Europe - audit, database construction and analysis, Regional Studies Association International Conference Pisa, 12-15 April, Cambridge Econometrics, available at:, DoA: 27.10.2012. Hryniewicki, M. and Sadowski, A., 2006: Integracja europejska. Pierwsze doświadczenia (The European integration. First experiences - in Polish), Białystok: Uniwersytet w Białymstoku. Kasztelan, A., 2010a: Środowiskowa

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Global Competitiveness of Europe: A Robust Assessment

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Perception of Competitiveness of Insurance Companies in the Slovak Republic Based on Settlement and Comparison of Competitiveness Indexes

References Benešová, J. 2008. Ethics and competitiveness. In: Konkurenceschopnost podniků, part I., Proceedings from international conference, 5.-6.2.2008, Faculty of Economics and Administration, Masaryk University, Brno. ISBN 978-80-210-4521-7 Borovský, J. 2009. Changes and competitiveness of enterprises. [online], [cited 19.8.2009]. Available at: <> Čejková, V. 2002. Insurance market . Praha: Grada, 2002. ISBN 80-24701-37-5 Chen, D. H

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