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Civil society in making
Challenges of the Somali Diaspora Organizations>. [Last accessed 28.11.2012]. Little, PD 2003, Somalia: economy without state. The International African Institute in association with James Currey, Indiana University Press, Btec Books, Oxford. Marchal, R 2009, ‘A tentative assessment of the Somali Harakat Al-Shabaab’, Journal of East African Studies, vol. 3, no 3, pp. 381-404. Menkhaus, K, Sheikh, H, Quinn, S & Farah, I 2010, ‘Somalia: civil society in a collapsed state’, in Civil society and

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Minority Civil Society

References ALEXANDER, Jeffrey C. (ed.). 1998. Real Civil Society: Dilemmas of Institutionalization. SAGE. ARATÓ, András. 1999. Civil társadalom, forradalom és alkotmány. Új Mandátum. (Andrew Arato: Civil Society, Revolution and Constitution - bilingual edition). BIBÓ, István. 1947. A magyar társadalomfejlődés és az 1945. évi változás értelme. BODÓ, Barna. 2001. Az önkormányzatok és a civil szféra. In: Boda E. (ed.), A civil szféra szerepe a

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The Civil Society Organization Media Manager as Critical Communicator

for Social Change: The New Communicator. (Retrieved April 15, 2010). Dahlgren, P. (2007) Young Citizens and New Media: Learning Democratic Engagement . NY: Routledge. Eikenberry, A. & Kluver, J.D. (2004) The marketization of the nonprofit sector: Civil society at risk? Public Administration Review . 64:2, 132-140. Freire, P. (1970 Pedagogy of the Oppressed . NY: Continuum. Frumkin, P. (2002) On Being Nonprofit - A Conceptual and

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Civil Society and Environmental Activism in One EU-funded Transport Development Project in Slovakia

References Baděscu, G., Sum, P. and Uslaner, E. M. 2004 Civil society and democratic values in Romania and Moldova. East European Politics and Societies. No 18: 316-41. Cellarius, B. and Staddon, C. 2002 Environmental non-governmental organizations, civil society and democratization in Bulgaria. Eastern European Politics and Societies. Vol. 16(1): 182-222. Final Evaluation Report of the Trans-European Transport Network Multi-annual Indicative Programme 2001-2006. 2007 Bruxelles

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Civil Society in the 2004 Romanian Elections: Watchdog, Involved Arbiter or Political Actor?

. Carothers, Thomas. 1996. Assesing Democracy Assistance: The Case of Romania. Washington: Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Chandler, David. 2004. Democratization in Bosnia: The Limits of Civil Society Building Strategies. In Civil Society in Democratization, eds. Peter Burnell and Peter Calvert, 225-249. London: Frank Cass. Diamond, Larry. 1999. Developing Democracy. Toward Consolidation. Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University Press. Dryzek, John S. 1996. Political Inclusion and the Dynamics of Democratization

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Greek Civil Society’s Online Alternative Networks as Emergent Resilience Strategies in Time of Crisis

References AFOUXENIDIS, A. (2015). Civil society in times of Crisis (in Greek) in N. Demertzis, N. Georgarakis, N. (eds.) The political portrait of Greece: Crisis and degradation of Politics, Athens: Gutenberg (pp. 317-336). ALTER, N. (2002), Les logiques d’innovation, Paris, La Découverte. ALTER, N. (2003), Régulation sociale et déficit de régulation, G. de Terssac, La théorie de la régulation sociale de Jean-Daniel Reynaud, Paris, La Découverte, p. 77-88. ALTER, N. (2009), Donner et prendre, la coopération en entreprise, Paris, La

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Civil-Society Organizations’ Capacity Building in the Local Governmental Sector: Is It Working? A Case Study

References Almond, Gabriel Abraham and Sidney Verba. 1963. The Civic Culture: Political Attitudes and Democracy in Five Nations. Princeton: Princeton University Press. Beach, Derek and Rasmus Brun Pedersen. 2013. Process-Tracing Methods: Foundations and Guidelines . Ann Arbor: University of Michigan. Berman, Sheri. 1997. “Civil Society and the Collapse of the Weimar Republic.” World Politics 49(3), 401–429. Blatter, Joachim and Markus Haverland. 2012. Designing Case Studies: Explanatory Approaches in Small-N Research . Basingstoke

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Civil Society and Democratic Socialization in Burundi. Return to an Ambiguous Complicity

7 Références bibliographiques Abé, Claude. 2010. Société civile et mobilisation de la solidarité en période de crise : entre courtage et altruisme. Cahiers de l’UCAC 12 : 75–95. Agnews. 2012. Burundi : naissance d’une société civile alternative. (20.07.2015). Aliro, Omara et Tulia Ackson. 2010. Civil Society and Good Governance in Burundi : Promoting Inclusiveness and People Participation in the East African Community : A Report of the Fact-Finding Mission to Burundi . Kampala

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“Why do I have to trust you?” The perspective from civil society on active citizenship in post–communist Albania

References Alford, J., 2002. Defining the client in the public sector: A social-exchange perspective. Public Administration Review, 62: 337-346. Bertelsmann Stiftung’s Transformation Index (BTI), 2014. Albania Country Report. Available at: [accessed May 2015]. Chiodi, L. 2007. Transnational policies of emancipation or colonization? Civil society promotion in post - communist Albania. Thesis: European University Institute

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Public Participation in Land Use Planning and the Building of a Civil Society

ankiety internetowej „Gra o przestrzeń: urbaniści versus mieszkańcy” (Results of the Internet Survey “Game of Space: Urban Planners Versus Developers”) , KGP, SEQ–Kwartalnik Gospodarka Przestrzenna (Spatial Economics Quarterly), Suplement: Raporty z badań, (1), E dwards , M., 2009, Civil Society , Polity. G awryszewska B.J., 2010, Uczestnictwo społeczne w gospodarowaniu przestrzenią gminy. Kultura przestrzeni gminy (Social Participation in the Management of Commune Space. Culture of Commune Space), Wydawnictwo SGGW, Warszawa. G liński , P., 2004

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