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The paper provides information about new localities of 118 species, including 2 hornworts, 22 liverworts and 94 mosses collected at the Ciężkowickie Foothills. The most interesting are bryophytes protected and threatened in Poland, for example Fossombronia wondraczekii, Nowellia curvifolia, Sphagnum compactum, Trichocolea tomentella and Weissia squarrosa.

its application to basin hydrology. Earth Surface Processes 1: 197-212. Kirchner J.W., 1993. Statistical inevitability of Horton’s laws and the apparent randomness of stream channel networks, Geology 21: 591-594. Kroczak R., 2010. Geomorfologiczne i hydrologiczne skutki funkcjonowania dróg polnych na Pogórzu Ciężkowickim (Geomorphological and hydrological effects of unmetalled road network functioning on the example of Ciężkowickie Foothills), Prace Geograficzne IGiPZ PAN w Krakowie 225: 1-138. La Barbera P., Roso R., 1992. On the fractal dimension of stream

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