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abstract in English). Š ebela M., 1982: Contribution to the knowledge of the diet of pine marten ( Martes martes L.) and stone marten ( Martes foina Erxl.) in the pheasantries of southern Moravia. Acta Musei Moraviae , Scientiae Naturales , 67 : 193–200. Z hou Y.-B., N ewman C., X u W-T., B uesching C. D. , Z alewski A. , K aneko Y., M acdonald D. W. & X ie Z.-Q., 2011: Biogeographical variation in the diet of Holarctic martens (genus Martes , Mammalia: Carnivora: Mustelidae): adaptive foraging in generalists. Journal of Biogeography , 38 : 137–147.

helminthoses in present conditions of Ukraine. Veterynarna Medytsina, 97, 383-387 [In Ukrainian]. Korol, E. N., Varodi, E. I., Kornyushin, V. V., Malega A. M. 2016. Helminths of Wild Predatory Mammals (Mammalia, Carnivora) of Ukraine. Trematodes. Vestnik Zoologii, 50 (4), 301-308. Kozlov, D. P. 1977. Keys to the Helminths of Predatory Mammals of the USSR. Moscow, 1-275. Kulikova, N. A. 1963. On the distribution of trichinellosis in Ternopil Region. Proceedings of the Scientifi c Conference of All-Union Society of Helminthologists, 9-12 of December, part 1. Moscow, 171


The paper summarises information on 11 species of trematodes parasitic in 9 species of wild carnivorans of Ukraine. The largest number of trematode species (9) was found in the red fox (Vulpes vulpes). Alaria alata (Diplostomidae) appeared to be the most common trematode parasite in the studied group; it was found in 4 host species from 9 administrative regions and Crimea.

., Gullberg, A., Janke, A. et al. Pinniped phylogeny and a new hypothesis for their origin and dispersal. // Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution. - 2006. - 41. - P. 345-354. Aslanova, S. M. Seals in lower Miocene deposits in Azerbaizhan. // Doklady Akademii Nauk of Azerbaizhanskoy SSR. - 1965. - 21. - P. 46-48. - Russian : Асланова С. М. Тюлень из нижнемиоценовых отложе- ний Азербайджана. Bininda-Emonds, O. R. P., Russell, A. P. A morphological perspective on the phylogenetic relationships of the extant phocid seals (Mammalia: Carnivora: Phocidae) // Bonner zoologische

; New York ; Toronto ; 1960. - Part 2. - 853 p. Mead, R. A. Th e physiology and evolution of delayed implantation in carnivores // Carnivore behavior, ecology, and evolution / Ed. J. L. Gittleman. - Ithaca : Cornell University Press, 1989. - P. 437-464. Novikov, G. A. On the ecology of the stone marten in forest-steppe oak forests // Biol. Mosk. Obshch. Ispytat. Prirody. - 1962. - 67, is. 6. - P. 5-16. - Russian : Новиков Г. А. К экологии каменной куницы в лесостепных дубравах. Novikov, G. A. Th e life of animals (mammals or beasts), of the order Carnivora. - Moscow

b: Velcí savci v České republice . Rozšíření , historie a ochrana . 2 . Šelmy ( Carnivora ). Národní muzeum, Praha, 215 pp. A nděra M. & H anák V., 2007: Atlas rozšíření savců v České republice – Předběžná verze V . Letouni ( Chiroptera ) – část 3 . Netopýrovití ( Vespertilionidae – Vespertilio , Eptesicus , Nyctalus , Pipistrellus a Hypsugo ). Národní muzeum, Praha, 172 pp. A nděra M. & H anzal V., 1995: Atlas rozšíření savců v České republice . Předběžná verze . I . Sudokopytníci ( Artiodactyla ), zajíci ( Lagomorpha ). Národní

., 2007: Hepatozoon canis infection in Slovakia: imported or autochthonous? Vectore-Borne and Zoonotic Diseases , 7 (2): 199–202. SAI 63. M ošanský A., 1983: Teriofauna východného Slovenska a katalóg mamaliologických zbierok Východoslovenského múzea. III. Časť (Carnivora 2) [Mammal fauna of Eastern Slovakia and catalogue of the East Slovakian Museum. III. Part (Carnivora 2)]. Zborník Východoslovenského Múzea v Košiciach – Prírodné Vedy , 24 : 105–125. SAO 64. M ošanský A., 1995: Vlk šakal ( Canis aureus ) na Slovensku [Golden jackal ( Canis aureus ) in

References Amson, E., Muizon, C. de. 2014. A new durophagous phocid (Mammalia: Carnivora) from the late Neogene of Peru and considerations on monachine seals phylogeny. Journal of Systematic Palaeontology, 12, 523–548. Antoniuk, A. A., Koretsky, I. A. 1984. A new seal species from the middle Sarmatian deposits of the Crimean district of Ukraine. Vestnik Zoologii , 4, 26–31. Ärnason, U., Gullberg, A., Janke, A., Kullberg, M., Lehman, N., Petrov, E. A., Väinölä, R. 2006. Pinniped Phylogeny and a new Hypothesis for their Origin and Dispersal. Molecular

REFERENCES A bramov A. V., 2002: Variation of the baculum structure of the Palearctic badger (Carnivora, Mustelidae, Meles ). Russian Journal of Theriology , 1 : 57–60. A bramov A. V. & B aryshnikov G. F., 2000: Geographic variation and intraspecific taxonomy of weasel Mustela nivalis (Carnivora, Mustelidae). Zoosystematica Rossica , 8 : 365–402. B aryshnikov G. F. & A bramov A. V., 1997: Structure of baculum (os penis) in Mustelidae (Mammalia, Carnivora), Communication 1. Zoologičeskij Žurnal , 76 : 1399–1410. B aryshnikov G. F. & A bramov A. V

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