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Colonial Bureaucrats, Institutional Transplants, and Development in the 20th Century

National Lottery or the Tourism Bureau. Jonathan Lawley, »Achievements of the British Colonial Service: A Retrospective View«, in: The Round Table 104 (2015), p.267–280, here p. 275. A multitude of training courses prepared local civil servants for their careers in these new offices. If these structures and the organizational rules by which they worked were well adapted to local practices, there was a good chance of success. This was easier when, for example, an existing department within the former colonial administration was extended in size and functions, and local

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The Bureaucracy of Honor. The Habsburg Consular Service and the History of Emotions

investigation. When Maximilian Kutschera requested permission to marry Agnes Schleifer, the Ministry wrote to the Bezirkshauptmannschaft St. Pölten and then the Viennese Polizeidirektion requesting »confidential and as inconspicuous as possible inquiries« (»vertrauliche und möglichst unauffällige Erhebungen«). HHStA AdReg 4, 184, Kutschera. The MdA’s Erlass vom 2. 5. 1899, Z. 24.487/10, 1899, required that all career consular officials get permission before a marriage. The MdA would consider the »financial circumstances« and »social position of the bride« and ensure that

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Building a Local Administration Abroad
The French Consulate in Salonica in the 19th Century

. 590. –, and their continuing training: consular manuals flourished throughout the century and filled the bookcases of chancelleries. Jörg Ulbert: »Pour une typologie des manuels consulaires« [forthcoming 2017]. By thus standardizing their career, both abroad and in France, in the departments of the central administration, it was intended not only to make these agents genuine servants of the state Marc-Olivier Baruch / Vincent Duclert (ed.): Serviteurs de ľÉtat. Une histoire politique de ľadministration française 1875–1945, Paris 2000. – civil servants –, but also

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The Dutch Decentralized Unitary State and Its Effects on Civil Service Systems in the Period of the Night Watch, Welfare and Enabling States 1814–2016

, Perry and Toonen as institutions (i.e. rule complexes) that mobilize human resources in the service of the state in a given territory Hans A. G. M. Bekke, James L. Perry, Theo A. J. Toonen (Eds.), Civil Service Systems in Comparative Perspective, Bloomington/Indiana 1996, p. 2. . Crucial for our purposes is that civil service systems refer to the mobilization of human resources and thus pertain to such elements as the recruitment, promotion, deployment and career development of public officials. Deployment within a civil service system involves the position of civil

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Administrative History and the Theory of Fields: Towards a Social and Political History of Public Administration

though Bourdieu did not himself use the word ›state‹ until later in his career, several of his works address one aspect of it or another. When he decided to discuss the subject of the state directly, Bourdieu’s ambition was to develop a model of the historical process of its development by focusing on the emergence, transformation, and reproduction of social groups over time. Jens Arnholtz Hansen, Ole Hammerslev, »Transcended Power of the State: The Role of Actors in Pierre Bourdieu’s Sociology of the State«, in: Distinktion. Journal of Social Theory 14 (2013), p.42

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Wieder gelesen: Fritz Morstein Marx, »Das Dilemma des Verwaltungsmannes« (1965)

Hinweis auf drei solche Aufsätze als Vorläufer findet sich bei Morstein Marx: Das Dilemma des Verwaltungsmannes, S. 8; leider werden die fraglichen Aufsätze aber weder dort noch im Literaturverzeichnis genau bezeichnet. Es handelt sich vermutlich um: Fritz Morstein Marx: »The Mind of the Career Man«, in: Public Administration Review 20 (1960), S. 133–138, ders.: »Control and Responsibility in Administration: Comparative Aspects«, in: Ferrel Heady / Sybil Stokes (Hg.): Papers in Comparative Public Administration. Ann Arbor 1962, S. 145–162; und ders.: »The Higher Civil

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Feeling like a State. The Sentiments Tide of Swiss Diplomacy through the Eye of the Algorithm

developments. As internal diplomatic documents, they are written by diplomats in diplomatic wording, but they do not reflect the polished diplomatic style of official utterances. The style is the result of the combination of a diplomatic culture that developed in the inter-war period and professionalised after the World War II, and many years of individual training in the course of a diplomatic career. As such, these documents are both institutional and subjective and can be questioned for sentiments or value judgements. One recent example is the confidential report by the

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»Monitor Yourself!« The Controlled Emotions of Spanish Office Holders in the Early Modern Period

–124. It is therefore not surprising that questions concerning the suitability for this office and the appropriate forms of behaviour and emotions (pasiones, afectos) were an extensive topic in the tracts dealing with corregidores. By far, the most comprehensive tract was written by Jerónimo Castillo de Bobadilla (ca. 1546–1605). Despite his noble origins, he decided at an early age on a career as an office holder – first studied law in Salamanca and was initially corregidor in Soria and Guadalajara, then letrado of the Castilian estates and finally fiscal of the

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Trust and National Belonging: Welfare for Disabled Veterans in Bohemia (1914–1918)

, however, only applied to disabled soldiers employed by the railroad at the start of the war. The board’s chairman and secretary then turned to the Bohemian Northern Railway’s board in Prague and effected Kirschner’s admission to the railway ministry’s sanatorium. Besides, the railway board announced it would employ Kirschner at the railroads after his medical treatment was completed. For the local board, the determining factor did not turn out to be Kirschner’s vague thoughts about a career change, but the opportunity to get him a regular employment in his most recent

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Die Herstellung von Verwaltungstatsachen
Behörden und Antragsteller/innen im Streit um Erwerbsmöglichkeiten

1996; Wilfried Reininghaus, »Wanderhandel in Deutschland. Ein Überblick über Geschichte, Erscheinungsformen und Forschungsprobleme«, in: Ders. (Hg.), Wanderhandel in Europa. Beiträge zur wissenschaftlichen Tagung in Ibbenbüren, Mettingen, Recke und Hopsten vom 9.-11. Oktober 1992, Dortmund 1993, S.31–45; Michael French, »Commercials, Careers, and Culture: Travelling Salesmen in Britain, 1890s-1930s«, in: The Economic History Review, New Series 58 (2005) Nr. 2, S. 352–377; Boris Franz Leo Bromm, Die Entstehungsgeschichte des Berufs des Handelsvertreters, Frankfurt am

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