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This work examines the historical context and implications of the accounts on nonhuman primates reported in the Histoire Naturelle des Indes, circa 1586. It is a fundamental document for the understanding of Caribbean natural history. It shows color illustrations and descriptions of different animals, including primates such as Sapajus flavius (or S. apella cf. margaritae.), Callithrix sp., and Alouatta palliata. This document offers early reports of monkeys in the circum-Caribbean region.

-Ferreira, F., 2012: Measurement of tear production in black-tufted marmosets (Callithrix penicillata) using three different methods: modified Schirmer’s I, phenol red thread and standardized endodontic absorbent paper points. Veterinary Ophthalmology , 15, 376—382. 5. Lange, R. R., Lima, L., Przydzimirski, C., Montiani-Ferreira, F., 2014: Reference values for the production of the aqueous fraction of the tear film measured by the standardized endodontic absorbent paper point test in different exotic and laboratory animal species. Veterinary Ophthalmology , 17, 41—45. 6

response to single injection of h CGovine-LHand LHRHin male rats. Int. J. Androl., 5: 81-91. Johnsen S.G. (1978). Maintenance of spermatogenesis induced by HMGtreatment by means of continuous HCGtreatment in hypogonadotrophic men. Acta Endocrinol., 89: 763-769. 362785 Kholkute S.D., Aitken R.J., Lunn S.F. (1983). Plasma testosterone response to h CGstimulation in the male marmoset monkey ( Callithrix jacchus jacchus ). J. Reprod. Fertil., 67: 457-463. Klotchkov D.V., Eryuchenkov P.A. (2003). Effects of h CGon folliculogenesis and fecundity in mink ( Mustela vison Schreb

-like fungal spore retention in the swam wallaby. Fungal Ecology, 5: 200-210. Drożdż, A. 1966. Food habits and food supply of rodents in the beech forest, Acta Theriologica, 11: 363-384. Fogel, R. & Trappe, J. 1978. Fungus consumption (Mycophagy) by small animals. Northwest Science, 52(1): 1-31. Hanson, A.M., Hodge, K.T. & Porter, L.M. 2003. Mycophagy among Primates. Mycologist, 17(1): 6-10. Hilario, R.R. & Ferrari, S.F. 2011. Why feed on fungi? The nutritional content of sporocarps consumed by buffy-headed marmosets, Callithrix flaviceps (Pimates: Callithrichidae), in

2013 183 47 55 20 Yamaguchi I., Myojo K., Sanada H., Takami A., Suzuki Y., Imaizumi M., Takada C., Kimoto N., Saeki K., Yamate J., Takaba K.: Five-sixth nephrectomy in female common marmosets Callithrix jacchus as a chronic renal failure model – a longitudinal course of serum biochemical, hematological and histopathological changes. J Toxicol Pathol 2014, 27, 183–195. 10.1293/tox.2013-0055 Yamaguchi I. Myojo K. Sanada H. Takami A. Suzuki Y. Imaizumi M. Takada C. Kimoto N. Saeki K. Yamate J. Takaba K. Five-sixth nephrectomy in female common marmosets Callithrix