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REFERENCES Biały W., Hąbek P. (2016) Doskonalenie procesu produkcji poprzez analizę zwrotów gwarancyjnych [w]: Kvalita, technologie, diagnostika v technickych systemoch. Quality, technologies, diagnostics of technical systems. Zbornik vedeckych prac. Slovenska Požnohospodárska Univerzita v Nitre, Nitra, s. 12-20. Eboli L., Mazzulla G., (2009) A New Customer Satisfaction Index for Evaluating Transit Service Quality, Journal of Public Transportation, Vol. 12, No. 3, pp. 21-37 Gajewska P. (2015), CSI w ocenie satysfakcji konsumentów na przykładzie wybranych sieci


In Western countries, the new visions are applied in quality control for an integrated public transport system. Public transport puts the customer at the centre of our decision making in achieving customer satisfaction with provided service. Sustainable surveys are kept among customers. A lot of companies are collecting huge databases containing over 30,000 voices of customers, which demonstrates the current satisfaction levels across the public transport service. Customer satisfaction with a provided service is a difficult task. In this service, the quality criteria are not clearly defined, and it is therefore difficult to define customer satisfaction. The paper introduces a possibility of CSI index application in conditions of the Slovak Republic transport area.

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Aim: To demonstrate a simple technique of cranio-spinal irradiation (CSI) in supine position using inter fraction moving field junctions to feather out any potential hot and cold spots.

Materials and Methods: Fifteen patients diagnosed with medulloblastoma were treated during the period February 2011 to June 2015 were included in this study. Out of fifteen patients in the study nine were male and 6 were female with a median age of 13.4 years (range 5-27 years). All the patients were positioned supine on CT simulation, immobilized using thermoplastic mask and aligned using room based laser system. Two parallel opposed lateral fields for the whole brain using an asymmetrical jaw with isocenter at C2 vertebral body. A posterior field also placed to cover the cervical and dorsal field using the same isocenter at C2. The second isocenter was placed at lumbar vertebral region to cover the remaining dorsal, lumbar and sacral region using an inter-fraction moving junction. Field-in-field and enhanced dynamic wedge used to homogeneous dose distribution when required.

Results and Discussion: In this study, we found that only two patients failed in the primary site, no radiation myelitis or recurrences in the filed junctions were reported in these fifteen patients with a median follow-up of 36.4 months. The automated sequence of treatment plans with moving junctions in the comfortable supine position negating the need for manual junction matching or junction shifts avoiding potential treatment errors and also facilitating delivery of anesthesia where necessary.

Performance of Dual-Hop Relaying Over Shadowed Ricean Fading Channels

In this paper, an analytical approach for evaluating performance of dual-hop cooperative link over shadowed Ricean fading channels is presented. New lower bound expressions for the probability density function (PDF), cumulative distribution function (CDF) and average bit error probability (ABEP) for system with channel state information (CSI) relay are derived. Some numerical results are presented to show behavior of performance gain for the proposed system. Analytical exact and lower bound expression for the outage probability (OP) of CSI assisted relay are obtained and required numerical results are compared.


For an arbitrary infinite cardinal κ, we define classes of κ-cslender and κ-tslender modules as well as related classes of κ-hmodules and initiate a study of these classes.

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