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The Contribution of COSAC to Joint Parliamentary Scrutiny in the EU: A Practitioner’s View


COSAC has played an active role in fostering and developing interparliamentary he central question addressed here is to assess whether COSAC is currently structured to allow NPs to obtain more information and access to the policy and decision-making circuits at EU level and, therefore, if NPs are benefiting from COSAC or are they, on the contrary, lagging behind and lost amidst so many interparliamentary meetings?

It is argued that COSAC occupies a key role in the multipolarised system of with the “global picture” and therefore in a unique position to bring coherence to the overall system. This paper therefore aims at putting forward some ideas and approaches regarding the role of COSAC in the effectiveness of interparliamentary cooperation, covering not only its present proceedings and output, but also some thoughts for further reflection on the future strengthening of COSAC.

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A comparison of existing forums for interparliamentary cooperation in the EU and some lessons for the future

van den Brink. • Fryda Christiana, 2016, ‘The role of the COSAC secretariat within the evolving landscape of interparliamentary cooperation: challenges for the future’, in Lupo Nicola and Fasone Cristina (eds), Interparliamentary cooperation in the composite European constitution , Hart, Oxford, 311-317. • Gattermann Katjana, 2014, ‘National parliamentarians and inter-parliamentary cooperation: testing the effect of electoral institutions on their incentives to engage in European affairs’ cited by Hefftler Claudia and Gattermann Katjana, 2015

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