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Trends of phanerophyte encroacher species along an aridity gradient on Kalahari sands, central Namibia

References Angassa, A. and Oba, G., 2008. Effects of management and time on mechanisms of bush encroachment in southern Ethiopia. African Journal of Ecology, 46 (2), 186-196. Archer, S.R., Andersen, E.M., Predick, K.I., Schwinning, S., Steidl, R.J., and Woods, S.R., 2017. Woody plant encroachment: causes and consequences. In: Rangeland Systems. Springer, 25-84. Barbour, M.G., Burk, J.H., and Pitts, W.D., 1980. Terrestrial plant ecology. Benjamin/Cummings. Barbour, M.G., Burk, J.H., and Pitts, W

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Management Regimes within Syntaxa of Semi-Natural Grasslands in West Bulgaria

: Vvedenie v geobotaniku (Introduction to geobotany). Publ. House of the Leningrad University, Leningrad, 447 pp. Smit, G. N. 2004: An approach to tree thinning to structure southern African savannas for long- term restoration from bush encroachment.Journal of Environmental Management 71: 179-191. Soderstrom, B., Svensson, B., Vessby, K. & Glimskar, A. 2001: Plants, insects and birds in semi-natural pastures in relation to local and landscape factors. Biodiversity and Conservation 10: 1839-1863. Stančić, Z. 2008

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