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183 Carmen Elisabeth Puchianu (Hrsg.): Die Mühen der Gebirge liegen hinter uns, vor uns liegen die Mühen der Ebenen, Kronstädter Beiträge zur germanistischen Forschung, Band 19, Aldus Verlag, Kronstadt, 2019, ISSN 1842-9564, 205 Seiten. Alexandra TUDOR Drd. Transilvania- Universität, Kronstadt/Braşov; E-Mail: Abstract: The following paper presents the 19th volume on German Studies Kronstädter Beiträge zur Germanisti- schen Forschung 2019. The volume is dedicated to Bertolt Brecht and it contains papers about him andon his

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THEATRICAL COLLOQUIA 163 DOI Number: 10.1515/tco-2017-0016 Entertainment and the Nostalgia of Values Alexa VISARION Abstract: Whether we talk of Stanislavski’s theatre of living, or Meyerhold’s biomechanics (through which the eccentric actor can respond to the most unexpected emotional or physical requests), or Brecht’s theatre of alienation of representation, or psychological theatre, which pays attention to the character’s conduct, inspired by some of the discoveries of American behaviourists, in all these instances there is a certain

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