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References Blaustein, L. (1926–1927). O niektórych nastawieniach na świat nas otaczający. Autoreferat [On some attitudes to the world surrounding us. Summary]. Ruch Filozoficzny , 10 (7–12), 192b–193b. Blaustein, L. (1928). Husserlowska nauka o akcie, treści i przedmiocie przedstawienia [ Husserl’s theory of the act, content and the object of presentation ]. Lvov: Nakładem Towarzystwa Naukowego z Zasiłkiem Ministerstwa Wyznań Religijnych i Oświecenia Publicznego. Blaustein, L. (1928–1929). Próba krytycznej oceny fenomenologii [An attempt at the critical

intended as the core of emotions. Thereby, emotions are interpreted not as subjective psychological states, but as spatial and objective phe- nomena, strongly related to the lived body and corporeal interaction. Motions and emotions constitute our living and resonance spaces and are experienced as atmospheres. Phenomenology provides effective tools for the exploration of this individual and inter-individual dimension. Witold Plotka reconstructs Leopold Blaustein’s theory, highlighting the close- ness and cross-fertilization between phenomenology, descriptive

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