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Plant Diversity of The Mid Silurian (Lower Wenlock, Sheinwoodian) Terrestrial Vegetation Preserved in Marine Sediments from The Barrandian Area, The Czech Republic

References Boyce, C. K. (2008): How green was Cooksonia? The importance of size in understanding the early evolution of physiology in the vascular plant lineage. - Paleobiology, 34: 179-194.[0179:HGWCTI]2.0.CO;2 Chlupáč, I. (1987): Ecostratigraphy of Silurian trilobite assemblages of the Barrandian area. - Newsletters on Stratigraphy, 17: 169-186. Chlupáč, I., Havlíček, V., Kukal, Z., Kříž, J., Štorch, P. (1998): Palaeozoic of the

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The First Occurrence of the Devonian Rugose Coral Calceola Sandalina (Linné, 1771) in the Barrandian Area, Czech Republic

References Berkyová, S. 2009. Lower-Middle Devonian (upper Emsian-Eifelian, serotinus-kockelianus zones) conodont faunas from the Prague Basin, the Czech Republic. Bulletin of Geosciences 84(4), 667-686. Chlupáč, I., Hladil, J. & Lukeš, P. 1986. Barrandian - Moravian Karst 1986. Excursion - Guidebook. Subcomission on Devonian Stratigraphy of the International Commission on Stratigraphy. 62 pp. Ústřední ústav geologický, Praha. Chlupáč, I., & Turek, V. 1983. Devonian goniatites from the Barrandian area

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Fenestrate Bryozoans in the Acanthopyge Limestone (Eifelian) in the Barrandian Area (Czech Republic)

References Budil, P. 1995. Demonstration of the Kačák event (Middle Devonian, uppermost Eifelian) at some Barrandian localities. Věstník Českého geologického ústavu 70(4), 1-24. Chlupáč, I. 1957. Facial development and biostratigraphy of the Lower Devonian of Central Bohemia. Sborník Ústředního ústavu geologického, oddíl geologický 23, 369-485. Havlíček, V. & Kukal, Z. 1990. Sedimentology, benthic communities, and brachiopods in the Suchomasty (Dalejan) and Acanthopyge (Eifelian) Limestones of the Koněprusy area

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Schizocrania (Brachiopoda, Discinoidea): taxonomy, occurrence, ecology and history of the earliest epizoan lingulate brachiopod

Schizocrania . – Palaeontology, 23(3): 707–713. Lockley, M. G., Williams, A. (1981): Lower Ordovician Brachiopoda from mid and south-west Wales. – Bulletin of the British Museum (Natural History), Geology, 35: 1–78. Mergl, M. (2001): Lingulate brachiopods of the Silurian and Devonian of the Barrandian. – Acta Musei Nationalis Pragae, Series B – Historia Naturalis, 57(1-2): 1–49. Mergl, M. (2002): Linguliformean and craniiformean brachiopods of the Ordovician (Třenice to Dobrotivá Formations) of the Barrandian, Bohemia. – Acta Musei Nationalis Pragae, Series

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Cambrian hyoliths of the Příbram-Jince Basin (Barrandian area, the Czech Republic): A review of recorded taxa

of the Czech Geological Society, 44(1-2): 3−30. Chlupáč, I., Kraft, J., Kraft, P. (1996): Geology of fossil sites with the oldest Bohemian fauna (Lower Cambrian, Barrandian area). – Journal of the Czech Geological Society, 40(1): 1–8. Fatka, O., Budil, P. (2010): Excursion guide. The 15th field conference of the Cambrian stage subdivision working group, International Subcommision on Cambrian stratigraphy. – Czech Geological Survey, Prague, 108 pp. Fatka, O., Budil, P. (2011): Lower Palaeozoic of the Barrandian area. – Exkurze České geologické

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Trilobite assemblage of Calceola-bearing beds in Acanthopyge Limestone (Choteč formation, Middle Devonian, Eifelian, Prague Basin, the Czech Republic)

, P. (1995): Demonstrations of the Kačák event (Middle Devonian, uppermost Eifelian) at some Barrandian localities. – Bulletin of the Czech Geological Survey, 70(4): 1–24. Budil, P., Fatka, O., Rak, Š., Hörbinger, F. (2014): Unusual occurrence of dalmanitid trilobites in the Lochkovian of the Prague Basin (Czech Republic). – Bulletin of Geo-sciences, 89(2): 325–334. Budil, P., Hörbinger, F., Mencl, R. (2009): Lower Devonian dalmanitid trilobites of the Prague Basin (Czech Republic). – Earth and Environmental

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Biostratigraphically Important Findings of Two Index Trilobites from the Jince Formation (Cambrian, Drumian) of the Příbram-Jince Basin (Barrandian Area, Czech Republic)

REFERENCES Dawson, J. W. 1868. Acadian Geology : The geological structure, organic remains, and mineral resources of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island. 694 pp. MacMillan and Co., London. Fatka, O., Kordule, V. 1992. New fossil sites in the Jince Formation (Middle Cambrian, Bohemia). Věstník Českého geologického ústavu 67(1) , 47–60. Fatka, O., Kordule, V., Szabad, M. 2004. Stratigraphic distribution of Cambrian fossil in the Příbram-Jince Basin (Barrandian area, Czech Republic). Senckenbergiana lethaea 84(1/2 ), 369

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Vertebrate Microremains from the Pragian, Emsian and Eifelian of the Prague Basin (Czech Republic)

Akademiy Nauk SSSR 5(2) , 87–517. Budil, P. 1995. Demonstration of the Kačák event (Middle Devonian, uppermost Eifelian) at some Barrandian localities. Věstník Českého geologického ústavu 70(4) , 1–24. Burrow, C.J. 1996. Placoderm scales from the Lower Devonian of New South Wales, Australia. Modern geology 20 , 351–369. Burrow, C.J. 2003. Earliest Devonian gnathostome microremains from central New South Wales (Australia). Geodiversitas 25(2) , 273–288. Burrow, C.J., Ivanov, A.O., Rodina, O. 2010a. Emsian vertebrate microremains from the

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A unique occurrence of a psammosteid heterostracan on the peri-Gondwanan shelf in the Lower/Middle Devonian boundary marine deposits

References Boyle, P., Rodhouse, P. (2005): Cephalopods. Ecology and Fisheries. – Blackwell Science Ltd., Blackwell Publishing, Oxford, Ames, 464 pp. Chlupáč, I. (1998): Devonian. – In: Chlupáč, I., Havlíček, V., Kříž, J., Kukal, Z., Štorch, P. (eds), Palaeozoic of the Barrandian (Cambrian to Devonian). Czech Geological Survey, Prague, pp. 101–133. Chlupáč, I., Lukeš, P., Zikmundová, J. (1979): The Lower/Middle Devonian boundary beds in the Barrandian area, Czechoslovakia. – Geologica et Palaeontologica, 13: 125–156. Delsate, D., Blieck, A

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Observations Concerning the Thickness of Rocks Eroded Between the Cambrian and Bolsovian (= Westphalian C) in Central and Western Bohemia

: status and story 15 years after conception, 65-101. In Bassett, M.G. (ed.) Early Palaeozoic Peri-Gonwana Terranes: New insights from tectonics and biogeography. Geological Society Special Publication 32, London. Filip, J., Suchý, V. 2004. Thermal and tectonic history of the Barrandian Lower Paleozoic, Czech Republic: is there a fission-track evidence for Carboniferous-Permian overburden and pre- Westphalian alpinotype thrusting? Bulletin of Geosciences 79(2), 107-112. Franců, E., Mann, U., Suchý, V., Volk, H. 1998. Model of burial and

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