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Impact of Macro Environmental Factors on Garments Industry That Drives Export in Bangladesh

References Ahmed, M. l and Hossain, M. S(2006) “Future prospects of Bangladesh’s Ready-made Garments Industry and The Supportive Policy Regime”, Policy Note Series: PN 0702. Policy Analysis Unit (PAU). Research Department, Bangladesh Bank, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Ahmed, J., and Hossain, T., (2009) Industrial Safety in the readymade garment sector: A developing country perspective, Sri Lankan Journal of Management, Vol. 14, No. 1, pp.( 2-12) Ahmed, F: (2012) Improving social compliance in Bangladesh Ready

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Impacts of International Migration on Socio-Economic Development in Bangladesh

5. REFERENCES Adams Jr, R. H., & Cuecuecha, A. (2010). Remittances, household expenditure and investment in Guatemala. World Development, 38(11), 1626-1641. Akter, S. (2016). Remittance Inflows and Its Contribution to the Economic Growth of Bangladesh.[Online]Availablefrom: Bangladesh bureau of statistics (BBS), (2016). Report of The Survey on Investment from Remittance 2016 Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) (2017).Bangladesh labor force survey

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Role Of Banking-Sector To Inclusive Growth Through Inclusive Finance In Bangladesh

References Agricultural & Rural Credit Policy and Programme for the FY 2014-2015, Agricultural Credit & Financial Inclusion Department, Bangladesh bank. Bangladesh Bank, Scheduled Bank Statistics. Various Issues, Dhaka: Bangladesh Bank. Bashir, K., M., Mehmood, Y. and Hassan, S. (2010). Impact of Agricultural Credit on Productivity of Wheat Crop: Evidence from Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 47 (4), 405-409. BBS (2010). Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics

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The Determinants of Worker Remittance in Terms of Foreign Factors: The Case of Bangladesh

, Md. M., (2008), The macroeconomic determinants of remittances in Bangladesh, MPRA Paper No. 27744. Jackman, M., (2013), Macroeconomic Determinants of Remittance Volatility: An Empirical Test, International Migration, 51(s1), e36-e52. Kapur, D., (2004), Remittances: The New Development Mantra, G24 Discussion Paper Series, New York: United Nations Conference on Trade and Development. Katseli, L., Glytsos, N., (1986), Theoretical and Empirical Determinants of International Labour Mobility: A Greek-German Perspective

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Determinants of Early Marriage Among Women: An Experience from Rural Bangladesh

References Ahmed, Ashraf U. 1986. “Marriage and Its Transition in Bangladesh.” International Journal of Sociology of the Family 16(1):49-59. Ame, Kazi R. 2003. “Overcoming the Curse of Early Marriage in Bangladesh.” Asian Journal of Wonen’s Studies 19(4):150-163. Amin, Sajeda. 2018. “Reforming Marriage Practices in Bangladesh.” In Population Council [Online] Available: [Accessed 2018, January 7]. Bates, Lisa M., Maselko, Joanna and Schuler, Sidney R

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Prevention of diabetes in Bangladeshis in East London: experiences and views of young people

Introduction Bangladeshis form a significant minority ethnic population in the United Kingdom and have a high prevalence of Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2D) [ 1 ] . While genetic factors may be important, cultural and environmental factors are likely to be influential causes of diabetes. Only 26% of Bangladeshis men and 11% of Bangladeshi women meet the recommended levels of physical activity [ 2 ] . Dietary intake of fat, salt, and carbohydrates is also high [ 3 ] . While immigration results in a change in environment, cultural norms may not change, and may

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Social Capital and Political Participation: A Case Study from Rural Bangladesh

6. REFERENCES Ahamed, Emajuddin (2015, 27 October,): Democracy in Bangladesh: Prospects and Problems , Daily Sun. Retrieved from . Bäck, M., & Christensen, H. S. (2011). Social trust and Political Participation–A multilevel analysis of 25 European democracies . Working paper. Bourdieu, P. (1986). The forms of capital. In J. G. Richardson (Ed.), Handbook of theory and research for the sociology of education (pp. 241-258). New York

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Rising Myanmar: US involvement, power rivalry and new hopes for Bangladesh

References Ahmed, N. (2012). Bangladesh-Myanmar border trade resumes after three months. The Financial Express, 5 September. Alom, Md. Morshed (2005). Bangladesh’s Engagement with ASEAN: Retrospect and Prospect. SEA Thesis. Aziz, A. H. (2011). Recalibrating Bangladesh-Myanmar relation. The Daily Star. 17 December. Baker, P. (2012). Obama to visit Myanmar as part of first postelection overseas trip to Asia. The New York Times, 8 November. Bünte, M. and Portela, C. (2012

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Impacts of Macro Economic Variables on the RMG Export Growth of Bangladesh

References Ahmed, H. A., & Uddin, M. G. S. (2009). Export, imports, remittance and growth in Bangladesh: An empirical analysis. Trade and Development review, 2(2), 79-92. Retrieved from Al Mamun, K. A., & Nath*, H. K. (2005). Export-led growth in Bangladesh: a time series analysis. Applied Economics Letters, 12(6), 361-364. Andersson, A., & Styf, S. (2010). How does a depreciation in the exchange rate affect trade

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Language as a Symbol of Identity and a Tool of Politics and Power in Pakistan and Bangladesh

Bibliografia AHMAD, Sabbir – HAQUE, Ziaul: An Analysis of the Linguistic Contexts of Bangladesh: Colonial Legacy to the Present Globalised Mechanism. In: BUBT Journal, January – December 2014, roč. VI, s. 67 – 75. ALI, Mohammad Arshad: Language Policy and Planning for Bangla in the Current Context of Bangladesh: Possibilities and Constraints. In: Prime University Journal, 2013, roč. 7, č. 2, s. 113 – 137. FAQUIRE, Razaul Karim: Language Situation in Bangladesh. In: The Dhaka University Studies, 2010, roč. 67, č. 2, s. 63 – 77. FERDOUCI

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