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Freight Transport Logistics in the Baltic Sea Region. Regional Aspects

References CPMR Baltic Sea Commission. (2005). Transport Challenges in the Baltic Sea Area: Report by the CPMR Baltic Sea Commission . Work Group Transport. Brussels Arvis, J.-Fr., Mustra, M. A., Ojala, L., Shepherd, B., Saslavsky, D. (2010). Connecting to Compete. Trade Logistics in the Global Economy. The Logistics Performance Index and its Indicators . Washington: The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development /The World Bank. European Commission. (2007). The

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Containerisation in the Baltic Sea Region: Development, Characteristics and Contemporary Organisation

container shipping: Spatial structure and regional dynamics , Global Networks, Wiley, 12 (3), pp. 395‒423. ESCACH, N. and SERRY, A. (2015), ‘Les méditerranées ou l’émergence de régionalisations réticulaires’, Géographie des mers et des océans , Dunod, pp. 226‒270. FREMONT, A. (2007), ‘Global Maritime Networks. The case of Maersk’, Journal of Transport Geography , Elsevier, 15 (6), pp. 431‒442. GRZYBOWSKI, M. (2013), ‘Development of Logistics Functions in the Baltic Sea Region Ports’, Marine Navigation and Safety of Sea Transportation , pp. 243

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Daily Radiation Budget of the Baltic Sea Surface from Satellite Data

References 1. L. Bengtsson, Numerical modelling of the energy and water cycle of the Baltic Sea, Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics, 77, (2001); 9-17 2. BALTEX, BALTEX Phase I 1993-2002. State of the art report. BALTEX Secr. Publ., 31, (1977), 181 pp. 3. BALTEX, BALTEX Phase II 2003-2012. Science framework and implementation strategy, BALTEX Secr. Publ., 34, (2006a), 90 pp. 4. L. Dzierzbicka-Głowacka, M. Janecki, A. Nowicki, J. Jakacki, Activation of the operational

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Occurrence probability of maximum sea levels in Polish ports of Baltic Sea coast

References Byczkowski A.: Hydrology (in Polish), Vol. I and II, Publishing House of Warsaw Agriculture University (Wydawnictwo SGGW), Warszawa 1996 Gumbel, E. J.: Statistics of Extremes . Columbia University Press 1958 Jednoral T., Sztobryn M., Milkowska M.: Application of position statistics for prediction of extreme levels of Baltic Sea in Polish coastal zone (in Polish), Inżynieria Morska i Geotechnika, no.5/ 2008 Kaczmarek Z.: Effectiveness of

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Early 2015 Performance In Baltic Sea Ports: Forecasts Of Estonian Performance For Entire Year

.aspx Retrieved: April.2015 4. Hilmola, Olli-Pekka (2015). Shipping sulphur regulation, freight transportation prices and diesel markets in the Baltic Sea Region. International Journal of Energy Sector Management , 9:1, pp. 120-132. 5. Helcom (2014). Imo decision on nitrogen emissions from ships provides a clearer framework for the Baltic. Available at URL: Retrieved: April.2015. 6. Ellerman, A. D., F. J. Convery, C. De Perthuis, E. Alberola

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Numerical Simulations of Sea Ice Conditions in the Baltic Sea for 2010–2016 Winters Using the 3D CEMBS Model

REFERENCES 1. Koslowski, G., Loewe, P. (1994). The western Baltic Sea ice season in terms of mass–related severity index: 1879–1992. Tellus , 46A, 66–74. 2. Tinz, B. (1996). On the relation between annual maximum extent of ice cover in the Baltic Sea and sea level pressure as well as air temperature field. Geophysica , 32, 319–341. 3. Pirazzini, R., Vihma, T., Granskog, M.A., Cheng, B. (2006). Surface albedo measurements over sea ice in the Baltic Sea during the spring snowmelt period. Annals of Glaciology , 44, 7–14. 4. BACC II Author

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Coastal Dunes of the Baltic Sea Shores: A Review

. Evolution of a dune from crescentic to parabolic form in response to short-term climatic changes: Råbjerg Mile, Skagen Odde, Denmark. Geomorphology 17(1–3): 63–77. Badyukova E.N., Zhindarev L.A., Lukyanova S.A., Solovieva G.D., 2008. Development of barrier-lagoon systems in the South-Eastern Baltic Sea (in Russian). Oceanology 48(4): 641–647. Badyukova E.N., Zhindarev L.A., Lukyanova S.A., Solovieva G.D., 2011b. Modern accretive processes along lagoon coast of the Curonian Spit, South-East of the Baltic Sea (in Russian). In: Construction of the Artificial

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Analysis of Hydrometeorological Conditions in the South Baltic Sea During the Stormy Weather on 27th November, 2016

References [1] Łomniewski K., Mańkowski W., Zaleski J., Morze Bałtyckie, Państwowe Wydawnictwo Naukowe, Warszawa 1975 [Baltic Sea - available in Polish]. [2] Locja Bałtyku 502. Wybrzeże Polskie, Biuro Hydrograficzne Marynarki Wojennej, ed. X, Gdynia 2016 [Baltic Pilot 502. Polish coast - available in Polish]. [3] Pietrek S., Jasiński M., Winnicki I., Analysis of a storm situation over the southern Baltic Sea using direct hydrometeorological and remote sensing measurements results, ‘Scientific Journals’ 2014, No

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First record of the freshwater green alga Scotinosphaera austriaca from the Baltic Sea


The freshwater green microalga Scotinosphaera austriaca has been recorded from the brackish waters of the Gulf of Gdańsk (Baltic Sea). Morphological characters and genetic data were analyzed to confirm the taxonomic affiliation. This species bears features unusual in representatives of Ulvophyceae present in the Baltic Sea.

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Conception of the Maritime Transport Safety in the Baltic Sea in 2009 to 2015

:// . [4] Hassler, B. (2010). Global regimes, regional adaptation; environmental safety in Baltic Sea oil transportation. Maritime Policy Management, 37, 489-503. [5] Haapasaari, P., Helle, I., Lehikoinen, A., Lappalainen, J. & Kuikka, S. (2015). A proactive approach for maritime safety policy making for the Gulf of Finland: Seeking best practices. Marine Policy, 60, 107-118. [6] International Maritime Organization (IMO). (2015). Vessel Traffic Services, from http

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