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) the acceptance of the austerity agenda has ensured – in practice – interventions that reshape and redirect local provision in order to meet the needs of the centre ( Haughton/Deas/Hincks et al. 2016 ). The demise of the dual polity, in which local administration in the UK was largely viewed as parochial and mundane when compared to the ‘high’ affairs of the central state, is also seen in the increasing importance of the ‘local’, not just as a target of centrally-imposed social and economic restructuring but also as a tier of governance open to the possibilities of

Administration, vol. 65, no. 4 (2017), pp. 107–110 doi: 10.1515/admin-2017-0037 Austerity and recovery in Ireland: Europe’s poster child and the great recession William K. Roche, Philip J. O’Connell & Andrea Prothero (Oxford: Oxford University Press; 2016; ISBN: 978-0-198792-37-6; 368 pp; £60) Austerity and Recovery in Ireland offers the reader powerful insights into the causes, implementation and results of austerity in Ireland. Roche, O’Connell & Prothero introduce the reader to many aspects of austerity in Ireland, using a multidisciplinary approach to

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European cross-border donations and the European philanthropic landscape that has been started has seemingly reached a slight standstill since the global fi nancial crisis and austerity plans are dominating the every day discus- sion. However, the European non-profi t sector remains an area that is of crucial importance for the European labour market, the European Research Area, and most importantly, the participation of European civil society which directly infl uences questions of citi- zenship and European identity. Th e paper will compare the origin and legal