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Augmented reality environments for teaching innovation

References Arduini, G. (2012). La realtà aumentata e nuove prospettive educative. Education Sciences & Society , 3, 209-216. Bacca, J., Baldiris, S., Fabregat, R., Graf, S. and Kinshuk (2014). Augmented Reality Trends in Education: A Systematic Review of Research and Applications. Journal of Educational Technology & Society , 17, 4, 133-149. Bachmair, B. (2014). Prefazione. In: M. Ranieri, M. Pieri. Mobile learning. Dimensioni teoriche, modelli didattici, scenari applicativi . Milano, IT: Unicopli. Billinghurst, M., Duenser, A. (2012

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Augmented Reality a Review on Technology and Applications

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Solution for Inspection of Power Energy Equipment Using Augmented Reality

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Eddie – 3D Scanning and Augmented Reality in Education

References [1] Milgram P., Takemura H., Utsumi A.: A ugmented Reality: A class of displays on the reality-virtuality continuum. Proceedings of Telemanipulator and Telepresence Technologies, 1994 [2] Colocation America, The history of augmented reality. (2018-11-04) [3] The Digital Age, Myron Krueger Biography (2018-11-04) [4] AR at Boeing (1990) (2018-11-04) http

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An Efficiency Analysis of Augmented Reality Marker Recognition Algorithm

References [1] S. Siltanen, Theory and applications of marker-based augmented reality, 2012. [2] D. Kurpytė, "Papildytos realybės algoritmo efektyvumo tyrimas," Mokslas - Lietuvos ateitis, Vol. 5, Issue 2, pp. 79-83, 2012. [3] T. Yamabe and T. Nakajima, "Playful training with augmented reality games: case studies towards reality-oriented system design," Multimedia Tools and Applications, Vol. 62, Issue 1, pp. 259-286, 2013. [4] M. Mahvash and L. Besharati Tabrizi, "A novel augmented reality

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New Way of Monitoring of the Production Environment with Application of Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence

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A Review on Using Opportunities of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in Construction Project Management

References Azhar, S., Khalfan, M., & Maqsood, T. (2015). Building information modelling (BIM): Now and beyond. Construction Economics and Building, 12(4), pp. 15-28. Bae, H., Golparvar-Fard, M., & White, J. (2013). High-precision vision-based mobile augmented reality system for context-aware architectural, engineering, construction and facility management (AEC/FM) applications. Visualization in Engineering, 1(1), p. 3. Behzadi, A. (2016). Using augmented and virtual reality technology in the construction

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A Demonstration Model of a Mobile Expert System with Augmented Reality User Interface Supporting M-28 Aircraft Maintenace / Prototyp Przenośnego - Ekspertowego Systemu Z Rzeczywistoścą Rozszerzoną Do Obsługi Samolotu M-28

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Use Of Bayesian Networks And Augmented Reality To Reliability Testing Of Complex Technical Objects


This paper presents a methodology developed to support the tests of reliability of complex technical objects. The presented methodology covers the use of modern information technologies in the form of algorithmic models and effective visualization techniques in the form of augmented reality. The possibility of using a probabilistic Bayesian network. The method of determining the probabilities for specific nodes, and the total probability distribution of graph structures are presented. The structure of the model and its basic functions are shown. The results of the verification work for connecting data processing methods and visualization techniques based on augmented reality are presented.

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Virtual realities and education

distributed virtual worlds through touch: a browser-based architecture for haptic interaction. In Serious Games and Edutainment Applications (pp. 149-167. London: Springer. Birchfield, D. & Megowan-Romanowicz, C. (2009). Earth science learning in SMALLab: A design experiment for mixed reality. Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning, 4(4),403-421. Boletsis, C. & McCallum, S. (2013). The table mystery: An augmented reality collaborative game for Chemistry education. In (Eds.) M. Minhua, M. F. Oliveira, S. Petersen & J. Baalsrud Hauge

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