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-113. Science Press, Beijing & Missouri Botanical Garden Press, St. Louis, USA. D essai J. R. N. & J anarthanam M. K. 2011. The genus Im-patiens (Balsaminaceae) in the northern and parts of central Western Ghats. Rheedea 21: 23-80. G ogoi R. & B orah S. 2013a. Impatiens lohitensis , a New Species of Impatiens (Balsaminaceae) from Arunachal Pradesh, India. Taiwania 58: 15-19. DOI: 10.6165/tai.2013.58.15 G ogoi R. & B orah S. 2013b. Impatiens siculifer Hook. f. (Balsaminaceae) and Tricarpelema chinense D. Y. Hong (Commelinaceae) Two Additions to the Flora of


. This paper is a contribution to the knowledge of the Indian fauna of the genus Kisaura ROSS. Here we describe and illustrate four new species from the Indian Himalaya: Kisaura arunachalica and K. kamengensis (both from Arunachal Pradesh), K. meghalayaensis (from Meghalaya) and K. pupi (from Uttarakhand).

, American Water Work Association and Water Environment Federation, 361 pp. B agra , K., K adu , K., S harma , K.N., L askar , B.A., S arkar , U.A., D as , D.N. (2009): Ichthyological survey and review of the checklist of fish fauna of Arunachal Pradesh, India. Check List , 5: 330 – 350. DOI: 10.15560/5.2.330 B eer , S.A., G erman , S.M. (1993): The ecological prerequisites for a worsening of the cercariasis situation in the cities of Russia (exemplified by the Moscow region). Parazitologiia , 27(6): 441 – 449. B oyd , C.E. (1979): Water Quality in Warm Water Fish Ponds

A New Species of the Genus Paraphlegopteryx (Trichoptera, Lepidostomatidae) from India

A new species of genus Paraphlegopteryx Ulmer is described and presented from Indian Himalaya, namely Paraphlegopteryx weaveri Parey et Saini, sp. n. from Zemithang (Arunachal Pradesh) belonging to the P. composite group. As an addition to this genus the 15 valid species from India is represented. A key to all the 15 species of India which is modified after Weaver (1999) is provided.


A new species, Oxytauchira truncata Kumar & Chandra sp. nov. is described from Indian Himalaya. The new species is the second species of Oxytauchira Ramme, 1941 from India. It differs from previously known species by the presence of a comparatively very short tegmen and a truncated male cercus. A key to species of the genus Oxytauchira globally is also provided.


The Old World genus Thysanarthria Orchymont, 1926 is reviewed taxonomically and compared to the related genus Chaetarthria Stephens, 1835. Chaetarthria is considered to consist of three groups differing in the morphology of male genitalia and surrounding sclerites: (1) large Old World Chaetarthria which seems to stand apart of the remaining groups, and (2) European Chaetarthria plus (3) American Chaetarthria which both share the male sternite 8 with a long median projection with Thysanarthria. The reduced mesal part of male sternite 9 is shared by European Chaetarthria and Thysanarthria, supporting their close relationship proposed by previous molecular analyses. Sixteen species are recognized within Thysanarthria which differ in the details of the morphology of the aedeagus illustrated for all species. Seven species are described as new: T. bifida sp. nov. (Thailand), T. cardamona sp. nov. (India: Kerala), T. chui sp. nov. (Taiwan), T. persica sp. nov. (southern Iran), T. saurahana sp. nov. (Nepal), T. trifida (Laos), and T. wadicola sp. nov. (Oman). New records are provided for T. ceylonensis Hebauer, 2001 (new to India: Madhya Pradesh), T. championi (Knisch, 1924) (new to Afghanistan, India: Arunachal Pradesh, China: Yunnan, and Myanmar), T. madurensis Hebauer, 2001 (new to Nepal and India: Kerala), and T. siamensis Hebauer, 2001 (new to India: Uttarkhand, Nepal and Laos). Chaetarthriomorphus sulcatus Chiesa, 1967 is revealed as a junior synonym of Chaetarthria championi Knisch, 1924, and lectotypes are designated for both these taxa. An undescribed species of the American group of Chaetarthria is recorded from Saudi Arabia either as an accidental introduction or due to mislabeling; the species is illustrated but not described.

References B haskar V. 2012. Taxonomic monograph on Impatiens L. (Balsaminaceae) of Western Ghats, South India: the key genus for endemism. 283 pp. Centre for Plant Taxonomic Study, Bangalore. C howlu K., B orah S., D ash S. S., A damowski W. & G ogoi R. 2017. Impatiens dorjeekhanduii (Balsaminaceae) a new species of Impatiens from Arunachal Pradesh, India. Nelumbo 59(2): 139-144. G ogoi R. 2017 (mscr.). Study of Impatiens L. (Balsaminaceae) of Arunachal Pradesh (2013-2017). 168 pp. Central National Herbarium, Howrah. G ogoi R. & B orah S. 2017

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–7. Ahmad F., Goparaju L. 2017b. Assessment of Threats to Forest Ecosystems Using Geospatial Technology in Jharkhand State of India. Current World Environment , 12, 2: 11. Ahmad F., Goparaju L., Qayum A. 2018. Himalayan forest fire characterization in relation to topography, socio-economy and meteorology parameters in Arunachal Pradesh, India. Spatial Information Research , 26, 3: 305–315. Ahmad F., Goparaju L., Qayum A., Quli S.M.S. 2017. Forest fire trend analysis & effect of environmental parameters: A study in Jharkhand State of India using Geospatial Technology

common carp ( Cyprinus carpio L.) in a rice fish culture system of the Apatani plateau (Arunachal Pradesh, India). Aquatic Ecology, 43, 559-568. Samad, M. A., Galib, S. M., Flowra, F. A. (2009): Fish drying in Chalan beel area. Bangladesh Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research, 44, 461-466. Sengupta, S., Homechaudhuri, S. (2011): Comparison of trophic niche and digestive enzymes of four species of catfishes of the Punarbhaba River in India. Indian Journal of Fisheries, 58, 79-85. Shiel, R.J. (1995): A guide to identification of rotifers, cladocerans and