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Education in the Anticommons: Evidence from Romania

REFERENCES Bates, R. H., Avner, G., Levi, M., & Rosenthal, J.L. (1998). Analytic Narratives. Princeton: Princeton University Press. Buchanan, J. M. & Yoon, Y. J. (2000). Symmetric Tragedies: Commons and Anticommons. The Journal of Law and Economics, 43, 1–14. Fennell, L. A. (2004). Common Interest Tragedies. Northwestern University Law Review, 98, 907–90. Fiszbein, A. [editor]. (2001). Decentralizing education in transition societies : case studies from Central and Eastern Europe (English). WBI learning resources series*World Bank

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Serres National Cadaster: An Intestate Succession Preliminary Case Study

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The Management Of Intellectual Property In A Romanian State University Where Research Represents A Strength

References [1] Grossman, G.M., Helpman, E. Innovation and Growth in the Global Economy. MIT Press, Cambridge, (1991). [2] Murray, F., Stern, S. Do formal intellectual property rights hinder the free flow of scientific knowledge? An empirical test of the anti-commons hypothesis. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 63, 648–687, (2007). [3] Corrado, C., Hulten, Charles, Dan, Sichel, Intangible capital and U.S. economic growth. Rev. Income Wealth 55 (3), 661–685, (2009). [4] Cowan R. & Harison, E. Intellectual Property Rights in a

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Ethos of science and the approach to promotion in science

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Urban agriculture and place-making: Narratives about place and space in Ghent, Brno and Bristol

. ZHU, J. (2012): Development of sustainable urban forms for high-density low-income Asian countries: The case of Vietnam. The institutional hindrance of the commons and anticommons. Cities, 29(2): 77–87.

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