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References [1] M.T.K. Abbassi, G. Calvaruso, D. Perrone: Harmonic sections of tangent bundles equipped with Riemannian g-natural metrics. Q. J. Math. 62 (2) (2011) 259–288. [2] R. M. Aguilar: Isotropic almost complex structures on tangent bundles. Manuscripta Math. 90 (4) (1996) 429–436. [3] I. Biswas, J. Loftin, M. Stemmler: Flat bundles on affine manifolds. Arabian Journal of Mathematics 2 (2) (2013) 159–175. [4] J. Choi, A. P. Mullhaupt: Kählerian information geometry for signal processing. Entropy 17 (2015) 1581–1605. [5] R. M. Friswell, C. M. Wood


In this paper we present a bundle of pairs of volume forms V2. We describe horizontal lift of a tensor of type (1; 1) and we show that horizontal lift of an almost complex structure on a manifold M is an almost complex structure on the bundle V2. Next we give conditions under which the almost complex structure on V 2 is integrable. In the second part we find horizontal lift of vector fields, tensorfields of type (0; 2) and (2; 0), Riemannian metrics and we determine a family of a t-connections on the bundle of pairs of volume forms. At the end, we consider some properties of the horizontally lifted vector fields and certain infinitesimal transformations.

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