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Agrobacterium tumefaciens-mediated Transformation of Jatropha curcas: Factors Affecting Transient Transformation Efficiency and Morphology Analysis of Transgenic Calli

References GODWIN, I., G. TODD, B. FORD-LLOYD and H. J. NEWBURY (1991): The effects of acetosyringone and pH on Agrobacterium-mediated transformation vary according to plant species. Plant Cell Rep 9: 671-675. HÄSLER, J., J. WÜEST, T. GASPAR and M. CRÈVECOEUR (2003): Long term in vitro-cultured plant cells show typical neoplastic features at the cytological level. Biol Cell 95: 357-364. HIEI, Y., S. OHTA, T. KOMARI and T. KUMASHIRO (1994): Efficient transformation of rice (Oryza sative L.) mediated by

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African violet (Saintpaulia ionantha H. Wendl.): classical breeding and progress in the application of biotechnological techniques

Wendl. Plant Sci. 161: 953-960. Kushikawa S., Miyoshi K., Mii M., 2002. Pre-culture treatment enhances transient GUS gene expression in leaf segment of Saintpaulia ionantha Wendl. after inoculation with Agrobacterium tumefaciens. Plant Biotechnol. 19: 149-152. Larkin P.J., Scowcroft W.R., 1981. Somaclonal variation - a novel source of variability from cell cultures for plant improvement. Theor. Appl. Genet. 60: 197-214. Lindqvist C., Albert V.A., 1999. Phylogeny and conservation of African violets (Saintpaulia

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Transient expression of green fluorescent protein in parasitic dodder as a tool for studying of cytoskeleton

) Analysis of metabolites in stem parasitic plant interactions: interaction of Cuscuta - Momordica versus Cassytha - Ipomoea. Plants 5: 43-57. García MA, Costea M, Kuzmina M, Stefanović S (2014) Phylogeny, character evolution, and biogeography of Cuscuta (dodders; Convolvulaceae) inferred from coding plastid and nuclear sequences. Am. J. Bot. 101: 670-690. Gelvin SB (2012) Traversing the cell: Agrobacterium T-DNA´s journey to the host genome. Front Plant Sci. 3: 52-62. Gould J, Devey M, Hasegawa O, Ulian EC, Peterson G, Smith

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Approved genetically modified (GM) horticultural plants: A 25-year perspective

., 2010. Engineering melon plants with improved fruit shelf life using the TILLING approach. PLoS ONE, 5(12), e15776. D ai S., Z heng P., M armey P., Z hang S., T ian W., C hen S., et al ., 2001. Comparative analysis of transgenic rice plants obtained by Agrobacterium-mediated transformation and particle bombardment. Mol. Breed. 7(1), 25-33. D ale J., J ames A., P aul J.-Y., K hanna H., S mith M., P eraza -E cheverria S., et al ., 2017. Transgenic Cavendish bananas with resistance to Fusarium wilt tropical race 4. Nature Commun. 8(1), 1496

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Genetic Engineering in Conifer Plantation Forestry

. Plant Cell Rep. 7: 481-484. BINNS, A. N. (2002): T-DNA of Agrobacterium: 25 years and counting. Trends in Plant Sci. 7 (5): 231-233. BISHOP-HURLEY, S. L., R. J. ZABKIEVICZ, L. GRACE, R. C. GARDNER, A. WAGNER and C. WALTER (2001): Conifer genetic engineering: Transgenic Pinus radiata (D Don) and Picea abies (Karst) plants are resistant to the herbicide Buster. Plant Cell Rep. 20: 235-243. BOMMINENI, V. R., R. S. S. DATLA and E. W. T. TSANG (1994): Expression of gus in somatic embryo cultures of black spruce after

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Detection of the genetically modified organisms from food products/ Detecţia organismelor modificate genetic din produse alimentare


Since the release of the first genetically modified crop, scientists have pro and con opinion on cultivation and their use, because of potential health, and environmental risks. Current EU legislation (Directive 2003/18/EC) provides for public information, monitoring long-term effects, labelling and traceability at all stages of the placing on the market of GMOs. The aim of this study was to evaluate the quality of the food products on the market, in which the detection of presence / absence of GMO. In this regard, two types of maize flour and four types of soy products were analysed during 2013. The kit used for detection of the presence / absence of GMO in the samples tested, comprising the step of DNA extraction, DNA amplification by PCR and agarose gel electrophoresis of amplified products and uses two GM associated sequences - promoter 35S and NOS terminator from Agrobacterium tumefaciens. The presence of GMO was found in a corn sample, also in a soy sample the results illustrate the need for further analysis to identify the exact type and quantity of GMO (the limiting value imposed by European legislation being 0.9% at ingredient).

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In Vitro Regeneration Potential of Seven Commercial Soybean Cultivars (Glycine max L.) for Use in Biotechnology

, Madison, WI, 2004, 1047-1117 BOHN, T., CUHRA, M., TRAAVIK, T., SANDEN, M., FAGAN, J., PRIMICERIO, R.: Compositional differences in soybeans on the market: Glyphosate accumulates in Roundup Ready GM soybeans. Food Chem., 153, 2014, 207-215. BOSZORADOVA, E., LIBANTOVA, J., MATUSIKOVA, I., POLONIOVA, Z., JOPCIK, M., BERENYI, M., MORAVCIKOVA, J.: Agrobacterium-mediated genetic transformation of economically important oilseed rape cultivars. Plant Cell Tiss. Org., 107, 2011, 317-323. DAN, Y.: Biological functions of

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Optimization of Barley Mature Embryo Regeneration and Comparison with Immature Embryos of Local Cultivars

References BARTLETT, J.G., ALVES, S.C., SMEDLEY, M., SNAPE, J.W., HARWOOD, W.A.: High-throughput Agrobacterium-mediated barley transformation. Plant Methods 4 (22), 2008, CHO, M.J., JIANG, W., LEMAUX, P.G.: Transformation of recalcitrant barley cultivars through improvement of regenerability and decreased albinism. Plant Science, 138 (2), 1998, 229-244. DAHLEEN, L.S.: Improved plant regeneration

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The introduction of the newest biotechnologies is necessary for sustainable agricultural development and needs the sufficient investments

. Agrobacterium-mediated large-scale transformation of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) using glyphosate selection, Plant Cell Rep 21:1010-1019. CHILTON MARY-DELL. 2001. Agrobacterium. A Memoir Plant Physiology, vol. 125, pp. 9-14 CLIVE JAMES. 2012. [online] Retrieved [2013-09-19] from: EDITORIALS GM CROPS. 2013. Promise & Reality. Nature special issue, 2 May 2013, vol., 497, Nature, 5 [online] Retrieved [2013-09-19] from: http

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Tilling and Fox-Hunting: New Methods for Functional Analysis of Genes

, BENT AF. Floral dip: a simplified method for Agrobacterium- mediated transformation of Arabidopsis thaliana. Plant J 1998; 16: 735-743. [5] DEGENKOLBE T, THI DO P, ZUTHER E, REPSILBER D, WALTHER D, HINCHA DK, KOHL KI. Expression profiling of rice cultivars differing in their tolerance to long-term drought stress. Plant Mol Biol 2009; 69: 133-153. [6] EZAWA S, TADA Y. Identification of salt tolerance genes from the mangrove plant Bruguiera gymnorhiza using Agrobacterium functional screening. Plant Sci 2009; 176: 272

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