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suitability for the siting of inter-municipal landfills in the Cuitzeo Lake Basin, Mexico. Waste Management, 28, pp. 1137-1146. [25] Geneletti, D. (2010): Combining stakeholder analysis and spatial multicriteria evaluation to select and rank inert landfill sites. Waste Management, 30, pp. 328-337. [26] Moeinaddini, M., Khorasani, N., Danehkar, A., Darvishsefat, A.A., Zienalyan, M. (2010):Siting MSW landfill using weighted linear combination and analytical hierarchy process (AHP) methodology in GIS environment (case study: Karaj). Waste Management, 30, pp. 912-920. [27] Nema

ikorski M., S tachowski W. 2000. Zastosowanie metody AHP do oceny i sterowania poziomem bezpieczeństwa złożonego obiektu technicznego. W: Wybrane metody ergonomii i nauki o eksploatacji [Application of AHP method for evaluation and safety control of a complex technical system. In: Selected methods of ergonomics and exploitation science]. Ed. O. Downarowicz. Gdańsk. Wydaw. PG p. 7–42. D uszyński R. 2007. Ekologiczne techniki ochrony brzegów i rewitalizacji rzek [Ecological techniques of river bank protection and river revitalization]. Inżynieria Morska i Geotechnika

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The topic of this paper is the description of the General Contractor Selection procedure using the AHP method. Another aim of this paper - within the scope of decision-making - is the determination of the potential General Contractor’s evaluation criteria and the selection of the best Bidder using the AHP method. We included the description of the conducted tender proceeding for the purpose of the procurement’s subject. As the decision-making options, we adopted four construction companies that submitted their bid. A key element of the studies was the paired comparison of all hierarchical structure elements. We estimated the local weighting coefficients and global priorities of particular decision-making options as well as analysed the vulnerabilities of the obtained results.

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The application of the ahp method in ship system risk estimation

The article presents procedures of application of the AHP method for estimating risks of ship systems. The estimation of system risk function parameters is done based on the data obtained from experts and processed using the pairwise comparative method.


Rational solution for mining equipment based on the use of haul trucks, excavators, wheel loaders and crunchers should result from thorough analysis of technical and economic issues – both cost-related and exploitational - which can have a crucial impact on the cost of minerals extraction. Moreover mining equipment should be selected with consideration for all vital parameters in specific exploitational conditions and even the exploiter’s preferences. This selection should consider hitherto disregarded criteria, such as mean availability and structure utilization of machinery systems with the aim to improve the same. Methodology presented in the paper illustrates practical application of MCDM and one particular method of this type – the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) – for resolving the problem in specific exploitational conditions of mineral resource in surface mining AHP method covers a multi-criteria approach based on a compensation strategy to model preferences and assuming variant comparability. Taking into account the preferences of the evaluator, which determine the subjectivity of comparative evaluation, is the core of the multi-criteria approach, which treats such preferences Considering the above issues, the following paper is an attempt to develop new and universal criteria as well as a method of evaluation and selection of means of mining equipment for mineral resource surface mines.

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