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conserving Australian arid zone freshwater biodiversity under climate change // Global Change Biology. - 2013. - 30, is. 4. - P. 492-507. Dudgeon, D., Arthington, D. M., Behagaray, L. B. Freshwater biodiversity: importance, threats, status and conservation challenges // Biological Reviews. - 2006. - 81. - P. 163-182. Kovalchuk, A. N. Late Sarmatian bony fi shes (Teleostei: Ostariophysi) of Southern Ukraine // Zbirnyk prats Zoologichnogo muzeyu. - 2012. - N 43. - Russian : Ковальчук А. Н. Позднесарматские костистые рыбы (Teleostei: Ostariophysi) юга Украины. Kovalchuk, A. N


Modern methods for obtaining metaphase plates from the somatic cells of fish, most effective in the study of polyploid species, were selected and tested. The technique with CoCl2 and colchicine treatment is recommended on the basis of empirical data for representatives of the genera Carassius and Cobitis. Th e detailed description of this modified technique and characteristics of metaphase plates of Carassius auratus Linnaeus, 1758, Carassius carassius Linnaeus, 1758 and triploid form of Cobitis taenia Linnaeus, 1758 received under tested method is presented in the paper.


Complex influence of infection by myxosporeans Myxidium gadi Georgevitsch, 1916; Ceratomyxa merlangi Zaika, 1966 and nematode Hysterothylacium aduncum (Rudolphi, 1802) on the morphophysiological and biochemical parameters of the Black sea whiting Merlangius merlangus euxinus (Nordmann, 1840) were studied. Significant decrease of spleenosomatic index and increase of hepatosomatic index in fish with average and high intensity of infection were found. The dependence of hepatic antioxidant enzyme activities on intensity of infection was observed. Increase of superoxidismutase, catalase, glutation-S-transferase activities in fish with average and high intensity of infection and decrease of peroxidase activity in specimens with average intensity of infection were shown.


A fossil fish remnants from the Early Pliocene strata of the Dniester valley (Republic of Moldova) are described in the paper. Seven species, belonging to 6 genera, 4 families and 4 orders (Acipenseriformes, Cypriniformes, Siluriformes, Esociformes) were identified in Nikolskoe and Uyutnoe localities. All of them are analogues of extant taxa. A brief review of development of the freshwater fish fauna in the Lower Dniester Basin during the Early Pliocene is presented.


Fauna and distribution patterns of the endohelminths of Cypriniformes from water bodies of the mid-course of the Syrdarya River were investigated. Forty-nine endohelminth species were recorded from Cypriniformes in this region, including 18 species of trematodes, 13 species of cestodes, 14 species of nematodes and 4 species of acanthocephalans. Twenty-nine species are first reported from this region. Original data on the composition and structure of endohelminth communities are given.

Two New Families and a New Species of Myxosporeans (Myxozoa, Myxosporea) of the Mediterranean and Black Sea Fishes

Descriptions of two new families — Polysporoplasmidae fam. n. (Syn. Sphaerosporidae Davis, 1917 in Sitja-Bobadilla, Alvarez-Pellitero, 1995) and Gadimyxidae fam. n. (syn. Parvicapsulidae Schulman, 1953 in Kie et al., 2007), and one new species of myxosporeans — Gadimyxa ovale sp. n. — parasites of fishes of the Mediterranean and the Black Seas are presented. Species of the genus Gadimyxa is found for the first time in the Black Sea.

. Markovych, M., Kutsokon, Yu. Alien Fish Species in the Lakes of Uzhhorod City (Transcarpathia, Ukraine) // Folia Oecologica 8. - Prešov, 2012. - P. 65-74. Movchan, Yu. V. Fauna of Ukraine. Vol. 8. Fishes. Part 3. - Kyiv : Naukova dumka, 1988. - 368 p. - Russian : Мовчан Ю. В. Фауна Украины. Т. 8. Рыбы. Вып. 3. Movchan, Yu. V., Manilo, L. G., Smirnov, A. I., Shcherbukha, A. Ya. Cyclostomes and fi shes. Catalogue of collections of the Zoological Museum of NMNH, NAS of Ukraine. - Kyiv : Zoological Museum of NMNH, NAS of Ukraine, 2003. - 342 p. - Russian : Мовчан Ю. В

Ostbaltikums und ihre Verbreitung innerhalb des Gebietes. Archiv für Hydrobiologie , 1925, Bd. 16, 133-155 S. Siliņš, J. Latvijas zivis [Fishes of Latvia]. Jaunais zinātnieks , 1936., Nr. 37., 87 1pp. Sloka, J. Akmens laikmeta lomi. Grām.: Dabas un vēstures kalendārs 1989. gadam. Rīga, 1988., 35. 1pp. Sloka, J. Apaļmutes- Cyclostomata. [Jawless fishes- Cyclostomata]. Zivis- Pisces [Fishes- Pisces ]. Grām.: Latvijas dzīvnieku pasaule. Rīga, 1974., 87.-101. 1pp. Берг, Л. С. Рыбы пресных вод СССР и сопредельных стран [Freshwater fishes of USSR and thouse

2. - P. 172. - Russian: Ковтун О. А. Находка флависта бычка-ратана, Neogobius ratan (Osteichthyes, Perciformes), в Одесском заливе (Черное море). Manilo L. G. Gobiids (Gobiidae, Perciformes) of Northwestern part of the Black Sea and adjacent lagoon ecosystems // Zbirnik prac’ Zoologicnogo muzeu (Ki'iv). 2008-2009. - N 40. - P. 19-46. - Russian : Манило Л. Г. Быічковыіе рыбы (Gobiidae, Perciformes) северо-западной части Черного моря и прилегающих лиманных экосистем. Neilson M. E, Stepien C. A. Escape from the Ponto-Caspian: Evolution and biogeography of an

in Lithuania. Acta Zoologica Lituanica , 13 (3), 279-282. Šternbergs, M. (1988). Gliemeņu auklētās zivis [The mussels nursed fishes] (35. lpp.). Grām.: Dabas un vēstures kalendārs 1989. gadam. Rīga (in Latvian). Virbickas, J. (2000). Lietuvos Žuvys [Fishes of Lithuania]. Vilnius, 192 pp. (in Lithuanian). Берг Л.С. (1911). Фауна России и сопредельныхъ странъ. Рыбы. (Marsipobranchii и Pisces ) [The fauna of Russia and neighbouring countries. Fishes]. T. 1. С.-Петербургь. 337 с. (in Russian). Берг Л.С. (1948). Рыбы пресных вод СССР и сопредельных стран