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. поздний эоцен, ровенский янтарь. Spahr U. Systematischer Katalog der Bernstein- und Kopal-Käfer (Coleoptera) // Stuttgarter Beiträge zur. Naturkunde. Ser. B. - 1981. - 80. - S. 1-107. Woodroffe G. E., Coombs C. W. A revision of the North American Cryptophagus Herbst (Coleoptera, Cryptophagidae) // Misc. Publ. Entomol. Soc. Am. - 1961. - 2. - P. 179-211. Zherikhin V. V. Families Cerophytidae, Acanthocnemidae, Cryptophagidae, Lathridiidae, Attelabidae, Curculionidae // Mesozoic Coleoptera / Ed. B. B. Rohdendorf. - Moscow: Nauka, 1977. - P. 130-134, 135-142, 176

: Федотова З. А., Перковский Е. Э. Но- вые таксоны галлиц (Diptera, Cecidomyiidae) из Дубровицы (ровенский янтарь). Fedotova, Z. A., Perkovsky, E. E. New gall midges of the tribe Leptosynini (Diptera, Cecidomyiidae) from the Late Eocene Ambers and the classifi cation of the supertribe Heteropezidi // Paleontol. J. - 2009. - 43 , N 9. - P. 1101-1179. Fedotova, Z. A., Perkovsky, E. E. Gall midges of the supertribe Stomatosematidi (Diptera, Cecidomyiidae) in the Palaearctic Region with description of new taxa from the Late Eocene Rovno amber. 1. Stomatosema, Vanchidiplosis

The First Geogarypid (Pseudoscorpiones, Geogarypidae) in Rovno Amber (Ukraine)

The first Geogarypus found in Rovno amber appears to be conspecific with Geogarypus gorskii Henderickx 2005, a species known from Eocene Baltic amber.

First Record of Mites of the Family Stigmaeidae (Acari, Raphignathoidea) from Rovno Amber with Description of a New Species of the Genus Mediolata

A new species, Mediolata eocenica Kuznetsov, Khaustov et Perkovsky, sp. n., is described from the Late Eocene Rovno amber. It is the first fossil record of Stigmaeidae.

New Species of Stilbus (Coleoptera, Clavicornia, Phalacridae) from the Late Eocene Rovno Amber

The first Eocene species of Stilbus Seidlitz, 1872, S. bedovoyi Lyubarsky et Perkovsky, sp. n., is described from Late Eocene Rovno amber. S. bedovoyi is most similar to Stilbus atomarius (Linnaeus) and differs from it by smaller body size, strong and large punctation of elytra, and broadly oval apex of elytra.

The First Eocene Species of the Genus Micrambe (Coleoptera, Clavicornia, Cryptophagidae)

Based on a fossil specimen from the Late Eocene Rovno amber (Ukraine), Micrambe sarnensis Lyubarsky et Perkovsky, sp. n., the first Eocene species of this genus is described. The new species is similar to the extant Micrambe abietis (Paykull) and M. ulicis (Stephens), differing by having the callosity with an acutangular caudolateral corner.

Out of 49 names of genera described from Rovno amber, 10 names (20.4 %) are related to Ukrainian toponyms. One way or another, 15.7 % of names out of 217 animal species described from Rovno amber and 67 % out of 6 described plant species are related to Ukrainian toponyms and ethnonyms. Today, only 8 out of 217 species described from Rovno amber, are known from Baltic amber. Th e ratio between Ukrainian and Baltic toponyms in the names of Rovno representatives of any given family directly depends both on the degree of exploration of a family in the corresponding faunas and floras, and on the degree of a family’s link with the ecosystem of the amber forest itself. Ant Formica paleopolonica Dlussky is recorded for Rovno amber for the first time.


Recorded from the Late Eocene Rovno amber (Ukraine) are above 300 families of Arthropoda. One hundred, seventy-four new species, 35 new genera and one new tribe have been described there in 45 families, including 42 species, 9 genera and one tribe of Hymenoptera. The first record of Scolebythidae is documented herein along with more detail information about Chrysididae which was only mentioned there before. Chrysidids are diverse and not very rare in the Rovno amber: four known inclusions represent at least three species in two genera. This makes a contrast with the Baltic amber: of 34 specimens known to Brues (1933), 30 represent only two species. Genera Pristapenesia BruesPalaeobethylus Brues and Palaeobethyloides Brues and species Palaeobethylus politus Brues and Pristapenesia primaeva Brues, previously known in Baltic amber only, are recorded in Rovno amber as well.