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A previously unknown male of D. kaszabi Loksa, 1965 is described for the first time, and the female is redescribed. The species is known from Western Mongolia and Western Tuva.

Reassesment of the Spider Genus Clubiona (Aranei, Clubionidae)

The spider genus Clubiona Latreille, 1804 is reestablished in its traditional scope. Taxonomical characters of infrageneric groupings are discussed. Tribes within the Clubioninae sensu Wunderlich (2011) are not accepted. Diagnosis and short description of Clubiona s. l., as well as a provisional key to clubionid genera, are provided. The following synonymies are established: Epiclubiona Lohmander, 1945, syn. n.; Euryclubiona Lohmander, 1945, syn. n.; Gauroclubiona Lohmander, 1945, syn. n.; Heteroclubiona Lohmander, 1945, syn. n.; Hyloclubiona Lohmander, 1945 syn. n.; Microclubiona Lohmander, 1945, syn. n.; Porrhoclubiona Lohmander, 1945, syn. n.; Anaclubiona Ono, 2010, syn. n.; Breviclubiona Wunderlich, 2011, syn. n.; Marmorclubiona Wunderlich, 2011, syn. n. = Clubiona Latreille, 1804, s. l.


The fauna and structure of herbdwelling spider assemblages in mesophitic meadow under the high voltage power line near Irliava village (Uzhhorod District, Transcarpathian Region) were analyzed on the material collected by sweep netting. Th e counts were held at five sampling sites: 1) under the wires; 2) at a distance of 50 m; 3) 100 m; 4) 150 m; 5) 200 m. In total, 41 spider species of 14 families were collected. Erigonoplus globipes (L. Koch, 1872) and Hylyphantes nigritus (Simon, 1881) were recorded in the Carpathians for the first time. Th e reduction of total number and species richness of spiders was registered as the approaching to the high voltage power line. Except single finds, no species avoided the wire nearest sites (0-50 m). Abundance of most spider families (except Araneidae) was not significantly influenced by distance from the high voltage power line.

Parazodarion, a New Genus of the Spider Family Zodariidae (Araneae) from Asia

Parazodarion Ovchinnikov, gen. n. is described. It is a monotypic genus with the type species Zodarion raddei Simon, 1889 widespread in Turkmenistan, Southern Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan previously assigned to the genus Zodarion Walckenaer, 1826 recently shown to be non-monophyletic.

Description of A New Spider Species of The Genus Gnaphosa (Araneae, Gnaphosidae) From Pakistan

Gnaphosa pakistanica Ovchinnikov, Ahmad et Inayatullah, sp. n. from Pakistan is described. Comments on the other two species recorded from Pakistan are given.

N. Yu. Spiders (Arachnida, Aranei) of the "Askania-Nova" Reserve : Fauna i ekologia paukov. - Perm : Permsky universitet, 1994. - P. 89-98. - Russian : Полчанинова Н. Ю. Пауки (Arachnida, Aranei) заповедника Аскания-Нова : Фауна и экология пауков. Polchaninova N. Yu. Surfase-dwelling spiders of the Ivano-Ribaltchanskiy part of the Chernomorskiy Nature Reserve // Izvestiya Kharkovskogo entomologicheskogo obshchestva. - 1997. - 5 (1). - P. 131-140. - Russian : Полчанинова Н. Ю. Пауки герпетобионты Ивано-Рыбальчанского участка Черно мор -ского заповедника

Украины // Бюлл. Моск. об-ва испытат. природы. Отд. Биол. Gnelitsa V. A. Preliminary data on the spiders of the Desnansko—Starogutskiy Nature park // Zapovidna Sprava v Ukraini. — 2000 a. — 6 , N 1-2. — P. 76-77. — Russian : Гнелица В. А. Предварительные данные о паукаХ Деснянско-Старогутского национального парка //Заповщна справа в Украпп. Gnelitsa V. A. The Linyphiid spiders of the Ivot river bottom land (the Sumy Area) // Zapovidna Sprava v Ukraini. — 2000 b. — 6 , N 1-2. — P. 77-80. — Russian : ГнелицаВ. А. Пауки сем. Linyphiidae поймыp. Ивот (Сумская