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Rilaena kelbajarica Snegovaya et Pkhakadze, sp. n. is described from Gyamish Mt., Kelbajar District, Azerbaijan. The new species is similar to R. atrolutea (Roewer, 1915) and R. anatolica (Roewer, 1956). It differs from these species by the shape and length of the legs, armature of the eye mound and pedipalps, and the size and shape of penis

The Genus Sintula (Aranei, Linyphiidae) in Ukraine, with the Description of a New Species

The data on biology of three species of the genus Sintula Simon, 1884 with their distribution in Ukraine are presented. Sintula solitarius Gnelitsa, sp. n. from the Crimean Peninsula is described. The genitalia of all four species are depicted.


The eggs of 9 species Noctuidae belonging in 4 subfamilies (Plusiinae, Eustrotinae, Acontiinae and Pantheinae) are examined, described, and illustrated with SEM. The diagnostic characters of the eggs of examined species are given.

The Chorionic Sculpture of the Eggs of Some Noctuinae (Lepidoptera, Noctuidae) from Ukraine

Descriptions and scanning electron microphotographs of the eggs of 10 species from 7 genera of the subfamily Noctuinae occurring in Ukraine are provided. The diagnostic characters of the genera and species are selected.


The eggs of 10 species Noctuidae from 6 subfamilies (Acronictinae, Metoponiinae, Cuculliinae, Heliothinae, Condicinae and Bryophilinae) occurring in Ukraine are examined, described, and illustrated with SEM. Th e diagnostic characters of examined species are carried out

The Chorionic Sculpture of the Eggs of Some Xyleninae (Lepidoptera, Noctuidae)

Eggs of sixteen species of fifteen genera of the subfamily Xyleninae occurring in Ukraine are described and illustrated with scanning electron microphotographs. The diagnostic characters of the genera and species are se-lected.

Descripton of Mordellistena Parvuliformis Larva (Coleoptera, Mordellidae)

A senior instar larva of Mordellistena parvuliformis Stschegoleva-Barovskaja, 1930 beetle is described.

The First Finding of Paulinella chromatophora (Rhizaria, Euglyphida) in Ukraine. Kapustin D. A. - A 3testate amoeba, Paulinella chromatophora Lauterborn, 1895, is recorded for the first time in the fauna of Ukraine. It is illustrated under the light and scanning electron microscope and redescribed.


Kisaura malickyi sp. n., K. bhagati sp. n. from Uttarakhand, and K. kanchenjungaensis sp. n. from Sikkim are described and illustrated in this paper.

Vollenhovia gastropunctata Bharti et Kumar, sp. n. (Hymenoptera, Formicidae) is described and illustrated based on the worker caste from India. A key to the Indian species of Vollenhovia Mayr, 1865 is provided