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A New Species of the Genus Pseudotorymus (Hymenoptera, Torymidae) From Crimea

Pseudotorymus juniperi Zerova, sp. n. is described and compared with similar species of Pseudotorymus. The new species is reared from cecidomyiid galls on Juniperus excelsa.

A New Amphipod Species Echinogammarus karadagiensis sp. n. (Amphipoda, Gammaridae) from Crimean Coasts (Black Sea).

Echinogammarus karadagiensis Grintsov, sp. n. (Amphipoda, Gammaridae) is described and illustrated based on specimens collected from the pebble-sand beach on Crimean coasts (0 m) (Black Sea). Morphological and ecological data are given.

A New Species of Mites of the Genus Anystipalpus (Mesostigmata, Ascidae) from the Eastern Ukraine

Anystipalpus stepposus Trach, sp. n. from Lugansk Region associated with carabid beetles is described. The new species is similar to A. livshitsi (Eidelberg, 1989), differing by the arrangement of short and thickened setae on the podonotal shield, presence of large presternal shields, shape and sclerotization of the sternal shield, shape of some setae on legs and venter of idiosoma, details of structure of the chelicerae.

A New Species of Predaceous Mites of the Genus Amblyseiella (Parasitiformes, Phytoseiidae) from Ukraine

A new species of phytoseiid mites Amblyseiella antonii Kolodochka et Omeri, sp. n. (Parasitiformes, Phytoseiidae) found on Juniperus sabina L. in Kyiv (Ukraine) is described. This is the first record of a representative of the genus Amblyseiella Muma from Ukraine. Description, drawings, measurements and diagnosis of the species are given.

A Peculiar New Species of the Genus Ulidia (Diptera, Ulidiidae) from Middle Asia

Ulidia metope Kameneva, sp. n. from Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan is described. It differs from all known species of the genus Ulidia Meigen by sexually dimorphic, broadly silvery white microtrichose sides of frons and parafacials resembling that in the flies of the genus Metopia Meigen (Sarcophagidae).

A New Species of the Genus Trouessartia (Analgoidea, Trouessartiidae) from Ukraine

Trouessartia phylloscopi sp. n. from Willow Warbler Phylloscopus trochilus Linnaeus, 1758 (Passeriformes) (type locality: Zmeinij Island, Ukraine) is described. The new species is morphologically similar to T. microcaudata Mironov, 1983 from Barn Swallow Hirundo rustica Linnaeus, 1758.

A New Species of the Genus Rhaphium (Dolichopodidae, Diptera) from Siberia

Rhaphium sibiricus Negrobov, Barkalov et Selivanova, sp. n. is described from the Altai Mountains. The new species is similar to Rhaphium gruniniani Negrobov, 1979, differing by black legs, simple, not thickened tip of fore basitarsus, length ratio of apical portion of vein CuA1 to crossvein dm-cu and by the shape of gonopodes.

A New Species of the Genus Otites (Diptera, Ulidiidae) from Crete (Greece)

Otites cretana Kameneva sp. n. from Crete (Psiloritis Ridge) is described. It superficially resembles Otites nebulosa (Latreille, 1812) and Dorycera persica Hennig, 1939 in the combination of very high gena and short antenna, but differs from all known Otitini by the thickened costal vein (in male), undulate vein R2+3, lacking ocellar setae and having 3 pairs of short scutellar setae. Status and generic limits of Otites and Dorycera are preliminary discussed.

A New Species of the Genus Proctophyllodes (Analgoidea, Proctophyllodidae) from Ukraine

The species Proctophyllodes lusciniae Burdejnaja et Kivganov sp. n. from the Nightingale Luscinia megarhynchos C. L. Brehm, 1831 and the Thrush Nightingale L. luscinia Linnaeus, 1758 (Passeriformes) (type locality: Zmeinij Island, Ukraine) is described. The new species, belongs to the glandarinus species group and morphologically similar to P. doleophyes Gaud, 1957 from Pied Flycatcher Ficedula hypoleuca (Pallas, 1764).

A Myrmecophilous Mite Myrmozercon Tauricus Sp. N. of the Family Laelapidae (Acari, Mesostigmata) from Ukraine

A laelapid mite Myrmozercon tauricus Trach et Khaustov, sp. n. collected from nests of ants Crematogaster schmidti (Mayr, 1853) (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) in Crimea (Ukraine) is described. The genus Myrmozercon Berlese, 1902 is recorded in Ukraine for the first time.