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Morphological Characteristics of Male Genitalia in Some Species in the Genus Torymus

Morphology of male genitalia in some species in the genus Torymus Dalman is studied for the first time. In contrast to genitalia of Eurytomidae species, where this structure is highly species-specific, the structure of genitalia in Torymidae species show no distinct specific differences: phallobase in studied species is opened; most species have three hooks on digital sclerites with the small indents at their bases.

Morphological Characteristics of Male Genitalia in Some Species of the Genus Eurytoma (Eurytomidae, Hymenoptera)

Based on the analysis of morphological characteristics of related species of the genus Eurytoma, several groups of cryptic species poorly distinguishing by external morphology, but clearly confined to certain hosts are shown to have morphological differences of male genitalia that are highly species-specific and can be useful for identification of cryptic species of the genus Eurytoma (E. rosae Nees, E. strigifrons Thomson, and E. jaceae Mayr species complexes).