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Sławomir Wąsik, Michał Arabski, Karolina Maciejec, Grażyna Suchanek and Anna Świercz

-369. Jamil T. S., Gad-Allah T. A., Ibrahim H. S. & Saleh T. S. (2011). Adsorption and isothermal models of atrazine by zeolite prepared from Egyptian kaolin. Solid State Sciences , 13 (1), 198-203. Lerche D. (1976). Temporal and local concentration change in diffusion layers at cellulose membranes due to concentration difference between the solutions on both sides of the membrane. J. Membr. Biol. , 27 , 193-205 Liou R., Zhang B., Mei D., Zhang H., Liu J. (2011). Adsorption of methyl violet from aqueous solution by nanotubes. Desalination , 268 , 111

Open access

Evgeni Eltzov, Abri Lavena De Cesarea, ‘Yuen Kei Adarina Low and Robert S. Marks

, Hu HL, Liu XL, He ST, Pan Y, Zhang CH,Dong C, Development of a Room Temperature SAW Methane Gas Sensor Incorporating a Supramolecular Cryptophane A Coating. Sensors, 2016; 16(1). 81. Thomas S, Cole M, Villa-López FH,Gardner JW, High frequency surface acoustic wave resonator-based sensor for particulate matter detection. Sensors and Actuators A: Physical, 2016; 244: p. 138-145. 82. Zhou J, Li P, Zhang S, Long YC, Zhou F, Huang YP, Yang PY,Bao MH, Zeolite-modified microcantilever gas sensor for indoor air quality control. Sensors and Actuators B