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P.G. Kougias, I.A. Fotidis, I.D. Zaganas, T.A. Kotsopoulos and G.G. Martzopoulos

-60. Chen Y., Cheng J.J., and Creamer K.S., 2008. Inhibition of anaerobic digestion process:Areview. Biores. Technol., 99, 4044-4064. Jung J.-Y., Chung Y.-C., Shin H.-S., and Son D.-H., 2004. Enhanced ammonia nitrogen removal using consistent biological regeneration and ammonium exchange of zeolite in modified SBR process. Water Res., 38, 347-354. KotsopoulosT.A.,Fotidis I.A.,TsolakisN., andMartzopoulos G.G., 2009. Biohydrogen production from pig slurry in a CSTR reactor system with mixed cultures under hyper-thermophilic temperature (70

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Abdel Wahab Mohamed Mahmoud, Asmaa Badr El-Din El-Attar and Abeer Abdel Mahmoud

. 2011. Influence of planting date on need protein, oil, sugars, minerals, and nitrogen metabolism in soybean under irrigated and non-irrigated environments. In American Journal of Plant Sciences, vol. 2, no. 05, p. 702. BERNARDI, A.C.C. - WERNECK, C.G. - HAIM, P.G. - REZENDE, N.G.A.M. - PAIVA, P. R.P. - MONTE, M.B.M. 2008. Growth and mineral nutrition of Rangpur Lime rootstock cultivated in substrate with zeolite enriched with NPK. In Revista Brasileira de Fruticultura, vol. 30, no. 3, pp. 794-800.

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Milena Kosiorek and Mirosław Wyszkowski

). Biology and Fertility of Soils 31(6): 522–524. Jayasinghe G.Y., Tokashiki Y., Kinjo K., Liyana-Arachchi I.D., 2010. Evaluation of the use of Synthetic Red Soil Aggregates (SRA) and zeolite as substrate for ornamental plant production. Journal of Plant Nutrition 33(14): 2120–2134. Kabata-Pendias A., Pendias H., 2001. Trace elements in soils and plants. 3 rd ed. CRC Press: Boca Raton, FL: 413 pp. Kosiorek M., Wyszkowski W., 2016a. Effect of neutralising substances on selected properties of soil contaminated with cobalt. Journal of Ecological Engineering

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Katharina Maria Keiblinger and Rosana Maria Kral

strong consequences on pest control, and its implications on soil functioning need to be considered. Agriculture is already suffering from more and more frequent storms and extreme weather events, which endanger the safety of crops and the planning of cultivation. 3 Improving soil structure and fertility and reducing GHG emissions with additives: lime, zeolites biochar, and nitrification inhibitors To improve soil structure and fertility, several soil additives such as lime, zeolites, biochar (BC), and nitrification inhibitors (NIs) are being used. These were

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Grażyna Obidoska and Dorota Jasińska

-amended natural zeolite (clinoptinolite) to remove heavy metals from liquid waste. Environ. Geol. , 34 (2/3) LI G., SANG N., ZHAO Y. 2004: Micronuclei induced by municipal landfill leachate in mouse bone marrow cells in vivo. Environ. Res. , 95: 77-81. LI G., YUN Y., LI H., SANG N. 2008: Effect of landfill leachate on cell cycle, micronucleus and sister chromatid exchange in Triticum aestivum. J. Hazard. Materials , 155: 10-16. NIELSEN M.H., RANK J. 1994: Screening of toxicity and genotoxicity in

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Joanna Fronczyk, Katarzyna Pawluk and Marta Michniak

.09.2002. (in Polish). ROY W. R., KRAPAC I. G., CHOU S. F. J., GRIFFIN R. A. 1992: Batch-Type Procedures For Estimating Soil Adsorption of Chemicals. U. S. Government Printing Office. EPA 542-F-01-005 2001: A Citizen's Guide to Permeable Reactive Barriers. U. S. Government Printing Office. FRONCZYK J. 2008: Zeolite-sand mixtures in permeable reactive barriers in landfill's surrounding. Doctoral thesis, Department of Geotechnical Engineering, WULS, Warsaw (in Polish). Road

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N Cvetkovic, B Adnadjevic and M Nikolic

. Yu and M. Mizuno: Influence of sulphur dioxide on catalytic removal of nitric oxide over copper ion-exchanged ZSM-5 zeolite; Appl. Catal. 69 (1991) 15-19. 9. Sazonova, N.N., O.V. Kumova, E.V. Rebrov, N.A. Simakov, V.A. Kulikovskaja, V.A. Rogov, R.V. Olkhov and G.B. Barannik: Catalytic and adsorptive properties of a Cu-ZSM-5 catalyst synthetized by solid-phase method; React. Kinet. Catal. Lett. 60 (1997) 313-321. 10. Adnadjevic, B.: New challenges in catalysis. Review of basic achievements in the development of

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Dana A. Mohammed Barznji

., 2009, Arsenic adsorption from aqueous solution on synthetic zeolites, J. Hazard. Mater. 162(1), 440-447. Cheng S., Vidakovic-Cifrek Ž., Grosse W., Karrenbrock F., 2002, Xenobiotics removal from polluted water by a multifunctional constructed wetland, Chemosphere 48(4): 415-418. Dhote S., Dixit S., 2009, Water quality improvement through macrophytes - a review, Environ. Monit. Assess. 152(1-4): 149153. Duman F., Ozturk F., Aydin Z., 2010, Biological responses of duckweed (Lemna minor L.) exposed to the inorganic arsenic

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D.A. McConnell, D.G. Doody, C.T. Elliott, D.I. Matthews and C.P. Ferris

-36. 10.1016/S0003-2670(00)88444-5 Murphy J. Riley J.P 1962 A modified single solution method for the determination of phosphate in natural waters Analytica Chimica Acta 27 31 36 Murnane, J., Healy, M., Fenton, O. and Brennan, R. 2015. Use of zeolite with alum and PAC amendments to mitigate runoff losses of P,N and suspended solids from agricultural wastes applied to land. Journal of Environmental Quality 44(5): 1674-1683. 10.2134/jeq2014.07.0319 Murnane J. Healy M. Fenton O. Brennan R. 2015 Use of zeolite with alum and PAC amendments to mitigate runoff losses of P

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Apolonia Sieprawska, Andrzej Kornaś and Maria Filek

, and Z hou Z. 2013. Selenium treatment mitigates the effect of lead exposure in Coleus blumei Benth. Journal of Environmental Analytical Toxicology 3: 191. Z ahedi H, R ad AHS, and M oghadam HRT. 2011. Effects of zeolite and selenium applications on some agronomic traits of tree canola cultivars under drought stress. Agricultural Research in the Tropics 41: 179–185. Z embala M, F ilek M, W alas S, M rowiec H, K ornaś A, M iszalski Z, and H artikainen H. 2010. Effect of selenium on macro- and microelement distribution and physiological