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Khouloud Khachlouf, Houda Hamed, Radhouane Gdoura and Ahmed Gargouri

References Bergero D., Rumello G., Sara C., D ’ Angelo A. (1997). Effect of natural clinoptilolite or phillipsite in the feeding of lactating dairy cows. In: Natural zeolites sofia’95, Kirov G., Filizova L., Petrov O. (eds). Pensoft, Sofia, pp. 75–82. Boisclair Y., Grieve D.G., Stone J.B., Allen O.B., Macleod G.K. (1986). Effect of pre-partum energy, body condition, and sodium bicarbonate on production of cows in early lactation. J. Dairy Sci., 69: 2636–2647. Bosi P., Creston D., Casin L. (2002). Production performance of dairy cows after the

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Qiu Jue Wu, Qin Yu Wang, Tian Wang and Yan Min Zhou

.B., Kubena L.F., Ellisalde M.H., Phillips T.D. (1993). Efficacy of zeolitic ore compounds on the toxicity of aflatoxin to growing broiler chickens. Avian Dis., 37: 67-73. Ivkovic S., Zabcic D. (2002 a). The effect of tribomechanically activated zeolite (TMAZ) on total antioxidant status of healthy individuals and patients with malignant disease. Free Radical Bio Med., 33 (suppl 1), p. 172. Ivkovic S., Zabcic D. (2002 b). Antioxidative Therapy: nanotechnology product TMA-Zeolite reduces oxidative stress in cancer and diabetic patients. Free

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Z. Adamiak, P. Jastrzębski, A. Pomianowski, I. Otrocka-Domagała, P. Holak, Y. Zhalniarovich, P. Przyborowska and J. Głodek

References Arnaud F, Teranishi K, Tomori T, Carr W, McCarron R (2009) Comparison of 10 hemostatic dressings in a groin puncture model in swine. J Vasc Surg 50: 632-639. Arnaud F, Tomori T, Carr W, McKeague A, Teranishi K, Prusaczyk K, McCarron R (2008) Exothermic reaction in zeolite hemostatic dressings: QuikClot ACS and ACS +. Ann Biomed Eng 36: 1708-1713. Devlin JJ, Kircher S, Kozen BG, Littlejohn LF, Johnson AS (2011) Comparison of ChitoFlexR, CeloxTM, and Quik- ClotR in control of hemorrhage. J Emerg Med 41

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P. Jastrzębski, Z. Adamiak, A. Pomianowski, W. Krystkiewicz, P. Holak, S. Sawicki, P. Przyborowska, Y. Zhalniarovich and G. Gudzbeler

References Levi M, De Jonge E, Van der Poll T (2006) Plasma and plasma components in the management of disseminated intravascular coagulation. Best Pract Res Clin Haematol 19: 127-142. Li J, Cao W, Lv XX, Jiang L, Li YJ, Li WZ, Chen SZ, Li XY (2013) Zeolite-based hemostat QuikClot releases calcium into blood and promotes blood coagulation in vitro. Acta Pharmacol Sin 34: 367-372. Marcucci R, Gori AM, Giannotti F, Baldi M, Verdiani V, Del Pace S, Nozzoli C, Abbate R (2006) Markers of hypercoagulability and

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I. Otrocka-Domagała, P. Jastrzębski, Z. Adamiak, K. Paździor-Czapula, M. Gesek, M. Mikiewicz and T. Rotkiewicz

granules, and kaolin-coated gauze in a vascular injury wound model in swine. J Trauma 68: 269-278. King DR ( 2011 ) Thirty consecutive uses of a hemostatic bandage at a US Army combat support hospital and forward surgical team in Operation Iraqi Freedom. J Trauma 71: 1775-1778. Leandoer L, Bergentz SE ( 1970 ) Haemorrhagic shock in the dog. The formation of thromboemboli during antifibrinolytic therapy. Eur Surg Res 2: 341-347. Li J, Cao W, LvXX, Jiang L, Li YJ, Li WZ, Chen SZ, Li XY ( 2013 ) Zeolite-based hemostat QuikClot releases calcium into blood

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Ireneusz Ochmian, Jan Oszmiański, Bogusława Jaśkiewicz and Małgorzata Szczepanek

REFERENCES A hmed O.H., A minuddin H., H usni M.H.A., 2006. Reducing ammonia loss from urea and improving soil exchangeable ammonium retention through mixing triple superphosphate, humic acid and zeolite. Soil Use Manage. 22(3), 315-319. B al J.J.M., 1997. Blueberry culture in greenhouses, tunnels, and under raincovers. Acta Hortic. 446, 327-331. B anados M., S trik B., B ryla D., R ighetti T., 2012. Response of highbush blueberry to nitrogen fertilizer during field establishment, I: accumulation and allocation of fertilizer nitrogen and

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Rana Yaser Arafat, Sohail Hassan Khan and Saima

: 10-20. Magnoli A.P., Monge M.P., Miazzo R.D., Cavaglieri L.R., Magnoli C.E., Merkis C.I., Cristofolini A.L., Dalcero A.M., Chiacchiera S.M. (2011). Effect of low levels of aflatoxin B1 on performance, biochemical parameters, and aflatoxin B1 in broiler liver tissues in the presence of monensin and sodium bentonite. Poultry Sci., 90: 48-58. Miazzo R., Rosa C.A.R., Carvalho E.C.Q., Magnoli C., Chiacchilera S.M., Palacio G., Saenz M., Kikot A., Basaldella E., Dalcero A. (2000). Efficacy of synthetic zeolite to reduce the toxicity of