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Aidin Azizpour and Navid Moghadam

-122. 10. Karaman M., Basmacioglu H., Ortatatli M., Oguz H.: Evaluation of the detoxifying effect of yeast glucomannan on aflatoxicosis in broilers as assessed by gross examination and histopathology. Brit Poult Sci 2005, 46, 394-400. 11. Kececi T., Oguz H., Kurtoglu V., Demet O.: Effects of polyvinyl polypyrrolidone, synthetic zeolite and bentonite on serum biochemical and haematological characters of broiler chickens during aflatoxicosis. Brit Poult Sci 1998, 39, 452-458. 12. Khadem A.A., Sharifi S.D., Barati M., Borji M .: Evaluation of

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M. Levkut, M. Fukasová, K. Bobíková, M. Levkutová, K. Čobanová and M. Levkut

Zn-supplemented rats. Br. J. Nutr. , 55, 603—611. 12. Sunder, G. S., Panda, A. K., Gopinath, N. C. S., Rama Rao, S. V., Raju, M. V. L. N., Reddy, M. R., et al., 2008: Effects of higher levels of zinc supplementation on performance, mineral availability, and immune competence in broiler chickens. J. Appl. Poult. Res. , 17, 79—86. 13. Tang, Z., Wen, C., Li, P., Wang, T., Zhou, Y, 2014: Effect of zinc-bearing zeolite clinoptololite on growth performance, nutrient retention, digestive enzyme activities, and intestinal function of broiler chickens. Biol