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Antonio Lofù, Piero Mastrorilli, Maria Michela Dell’Anna, Matilda Mali, Raffaello Sisto and Rodolfo Vignola

References Barrer, R.M. (1978). Zeolites and Clay Minerals as Sorbents and Molecular Sieves , London: Academic Press, London 1978. Bowman, R.S. & Helferich, R. (2001). Production and article of iron/surfactant-modified zeolite pellets to retain and destroy water pollutants, U.S. Patent No. 6,261,986 B1, 17 July 2001. Washington, D.C.: U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Byrne, R.H., Luo, Y.-R. & Young, R.W. (2000). Iron hydrolysis and solubility revisited: observations and comments on iron hydrolysis characterizations, Marine Chemistry , 70, pp

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Masoud Moradi, Mehdi Fazlzadehdavil, Meghdad Pirsaheb, Yadollah Mansouri, Touba Khosravi and Kiomars Sharafi

References Akbal, F. (2005) Adsorption of basic dyes from aqueous solution onto pumice powder, Journal of colloid and interface science , 286(2), pp. 455–458. Arslan, A. & Veli, S. (2012) Zeolite 13X for adsorption of ammonium ions from aqueous solutions and hen slaughterhouse wastewaters, Journal of the Taiwan institute of chemical engineers, 43(3), pp. 393–398. Bandosz, T.J. & Petit, C. (2009) On the reactive adsorption of ammonia on activated carbons modified by impregnation with inorganic compounds, Journal of colloid and interface

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Olushola S. Ayanda, Olalekan S. Fatoki, Folahan A. Adekola, Bhekumusa J. Ximba, Olatunbosun S. Akinsoji and Leslie F. Petrik

). Preparation and characterization of activated carbon - nFe3O4, activated carbon - nSiO2 and activated carbon - nZnO hybrid materials, Particle and Particle Systems Characterization, 29, pp. 178-191. [14] Han, Z., Du, T. & Zhao, Y. (2007). Adsorption of triphenyltin chloride on modified chitosan, Journal of Agro-Environment Science, 5, pp. 1992-1995. [15] Juan, R., Hernandez, S., Querol, X., Andres, J.M. & Moreno, N. (2002). Zeolite material synthesized from fly ash: Use as cationic exchanger, Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology

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Katarzyna Rychlewska, Krystyna Konieczny and Michał Bodzek

conditions, Applied Catalysis A: General, 227, pp. 201-215. [12] Li, B., Xu, D., Jiang, Z., Zhang, X., Liu, W. & Dong, X. (2008). Pervaporation performance of PDMS-Ni2+Y zeolite hybrid membranes in the desulfurization of gasoline, Journal of Membrane Science, 322, pp. 293-301. [13] Li, B., Zhao, W., Su, Y., Jiang, Z., Dong, X. & Liu, W. (2009). Enhanced desulfurization performance and swelling resistance of asymmetric hydrophilic pervaporation membrane prepared through surface segregation technique, Journal of Membrane Science, 326, pp. 556

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Paweł Falaciński

. Zagadnienia Inżynierii Środowiska Wiejskiego, 2 , 56−59 (2006). [4] Borys M., Mosiej K.: Key issues in redevelopment and upgrading of fl ood embankments - cut-off walls made of hardening slurries , Gospodarka Wodna, 6 , 234−241 (2006). [5] Czurda K.A., Haus R.: Reactive barriers with fl y ash zeolites for in situ groundwater remediation , Applied Clay Science, 21 (1) , 13−20, DOI: 10.1016/S0169-1317(01)00088-6 (2002). [6] Falaciński, P.: Leak tightness of hardening slurries with fl uidal ashes in chemically aggressive

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Beata Karwowska

-assisted remediation of contaminated dredged sediment, J. Hazard. Mat., B137, 1458-1465 (2006). [16] Sprynskyy M., Solid-liquid-solid extraction of heavy metals (Cr, Cu, Cd, Ni and Pb) in aqueous systems of zeolite-sewage sludge , J. Hazard. Mat., 161 , 1377-1383 (2009). [17] Standard methods for the examination of water and wastewaters, APHA, Washington, 1998. [18] Sun B., F.J. Zhao, E. Lombi, S.P. McGrath, Leaching of heavy metals from contaminated soils using EDTA , Env. Pol. 113 , 111-120 (2001). [19] Udom B

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Yusuf Uzun and Tekin Şahan

acetate/zeolite composite fi ber and its adsorption behavior for heavy metal ions in aqueous solution, Chemical Engineering Journal, 209, pp. 325-333. Kapoor, A. & Viraraghavan, T. (1997). Heavy metal biosorption sites in aspergillus niger, Bioresource Technology, 61, pp. 221-227. Kapoor, A. & Viraraghavan, T. (1998). Biosorption of heavy metals on aspergillus niger: effect of pretreatment, Bioresource Technology, 63, pp. 109-113. Karunasagar, D., Arunachalam, J., Rashmi, K., Naveena Lavanya Latha, J. & Maruthi Mohan, P

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Gabriela Ciobanu, Simona Barna and Maria Harja

. 408–416. Ciobanu, G., Carja, G. & Ciobanu, O. (2008). Use of SAPO-5 zeolite-filled polyurethane membranes in wastewater treatment, Desalination , 222, 1–3, pp. 197–201. Ciobanu, G., Ignat, D., Carja, G. & Luca, C. (2009). Hydroxyapatite//polyurethane composite membranes for lead ions removal, Environmental Engineering and Management Journal , 8, 6, pp. 1347–1350. Ciobanu, G., Ilisei, S., Harja, M. & Luca, C. (2013). Removal of Reactive Blue 204 dye from aqueous solutions by adsorption onto nanohydroxyapatite, Science of Advanced Materials , 5

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Hülya Boyacioglu

). [11] Gowd S.S, P.K. Govil: Distribution of heavy metals in surface water of Ranipet industrial area in Tamil Nadu, India , Environ Monit Assess., 136 , 197-207 (2008). [12] Guo G.L, Q.X. Zhou: Evaluation of heavy metal contamination in Phaeozem of northeast China , Environmental Geochemistry and Health., 28 , 331-340 (2006). [13] Halimoon N., R.G.S. Yin: Removal of Heavy Metals from Textile Wastewater using Zeolite , Environment Asia, 3 (special issue), 124-130 (2010). [14] Hill T., P. Lewicki: Statistics

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Jerzy Straszko, Wiesław Parus and Wojciech Paterkowski

oxidation of volatile organic compounds. Oxidation of methyl-isobutyl-ketone over Pt/zeolite catalysts, Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 57, pp. 117-123. [31] Verykios, X.E., Papaefthimiou, P. & Ioannides, T. (1997). Combustion of non-halogenated volatile organic compounds over group VIII metal catalysts, Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 13, 3, pp. 175-184. [32] Wang, C.H. (2004). Al2O3-supported transition-metal oxides for catalytic incineration of toluene, Chemosphere, 55, 1, pp. 11-17. [33] Weisz, P.B. & Hicks, J