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Hossein Taherifar, Sima Rezvantalab, Fatemeh Bahadori and Omid Sadrzadeh Khoei

. 116–123. H assanpour A slania S., G hafourianb H., A rdakanic M.R., T orabid S. 2013. Feasibility study of reducing the total dissolved solids (TDS) from contaminated water in radish plant ( RaphanusSativus ) using nano activated carbon and zeolite. Journal of Nano Structures. Vol. 3. Iss. 2 JNS 3 p. 219–225. J ing G., W ang X., Z hao H. 2009. Study on TDS removal from polymer-flooding wastewater in crude oil: extraction by electrodialysis. Desalination. Vol. 244 p. 90–96. M ohammadesmaeili F., K abiri B.M., A bbaszadegan M., F ox P

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Wenlai Xu, Ju Yang, Jing Wang, Yue Jian and Min Tang

University.Page 127. 10. You Shaohong, Tong Xiaowei and Zhu Yinian, Absorption and Influencing Factors of Ammonia Nitrogen by Natural Zeolite. Water Resources Protection, 2010. 26(1): Page 70-74. 11. ZhengPingxu, Xiang Yang, Hu Baolan, Theory and Technology of Novel Biological Dinitrification. 2004: Science Press. 12. Choi, BH (Choi, Byung Ho); Yuk, JH (Yuk, Jin-Hee); Kim, KO (Kim, Kyeong Ok), Integral Tide-Surge-Wave Model of the Yellow Sea for Understanding Local Sediment Transport. Journal of Coastal Research. 2016. SI(75

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Jun Du, Ruo Nan Li, Xin Wu and Yan Zhang

SCR Catalyst for low SO2 oxidation. Technical Review, 2011, 38(2), Pp. 87-91. 18. Hiromi, K.N., Toshiyuki, T.O., Chris, D.: Latest SCR technologies and experience on coal fired boilers [A] ICAC forum 98 “Cutting NOX Emissions” Durham North Carolina: 1998. 19. Chong, P.C., Pyo, Y.D., Jin, Y.J.: NOx, reduction and N 2 O emissions in a diesel engine exhaust using Fe-zeolite and vanadium-based SCR catalysts. Applied Thermal Engineering, 2017, 110, Pp. 18-24. 20. De’nan, F., Hasan, H., Choong, K.K.: The efficiency of

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Viktor Fylypchuk, Stanislav Induchny, Pete Pearce, Leonid Fylypchuk and Serhii Martynov

REFERENCES A rimi M.M. 2017. Modified natural zeolite as heterogeneous Fenton catalyst in treatment of recalcitrants in industrial effluent. Progress in Natural Science: Materials International. Vol. 27 p. 275–282. DOI 10.1016/j.pnsc.2017.02.001. A ttoui B., T oumi N., M essaoudi S., B enrabah S. 2016. Degradation of water quality: the case of plain west of Annaba (northeast of Algeria). Journal of Water and Land Development. Vol. 31 p. 3–10. DOI 10.1515/jwld-2016-0031. B artnik A., M oniewski P. 2016. Changes in water quality of a small

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Michał Marzec, Agata Pieńko, Magdalena Gizińska-Górna, Aneta Pytka, Krzysztof Jóźwiakowski, Bożena Sosnowska, Agnieszka Kamińska and Agnieszka Listosz

References ANIELAK A. M., ARENDACZ M. 2007. Efektywność usuwania żelaza i manganu na zeolitach [Iron and manganese removal effects using zeolites]. Ochrona Środowiska. Nr 9 p. 9-18. BENEFIELD L.D., MORGAN J.M. 1990. Chemical precipitation. In: Water quality and treatment. Handbook of community water supplies. 4th ed. New York, McGraw-Hill Inc. p. 641-708. BROGOWSKI Z., RENMAN G. 2004. Characterization of opoka as a basis for its use in wastewater treatment. Polish Journal of Environmental Studies. Vol. 13. Iss

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Maja Radziemska, Jerzy Jeznach, Zbigniew Mazur, Joanna Fronczyk and Ayla Bilgin

., D rzymała S. 2010. Geneza, analiza i klasyfikacja gleb [Genesis, analysis and soil classification]. Poznań. Wydaw. UP. ISBN 978-83-71605-86-4 pp. 420. P uls W., P aul C.J., P owell R.M. 1999. The application of in situ permeable reactive (zero-valent iron) barrier technology for the remediation of chromate – contaminated ground water: a field test. Applied Geochemistry. Vol. 14 p. 989–1000. R adziemska M., M azur Z., J eznach J. 2013. Influence of applying halloysite and zeolite to soil contaminated with nickel on the content of selected