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Ján Jerga and Ľudovít Krajči

carbonation. Proceedings: 7th International Conference on Non-Destructive Testing and Experimental Stress Analysis of Concrete Structures, Košice, 1998, 135-140. [21] JANOTKA, I. - KRAJČI, Ľ.: Sulphate resistance and passivation ability of the mortar made from pozzolan cement with zeolite. Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry 94 (2008), 7-14. [22] JENSEN, A. D. - CHATTERJI, S.: RILEM TC 122-MLC, State of the art report on micro-cracking and lifetime of concrete - Part 1. Materials and Structures, 29 (1996), 3-8. [23

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Maja Radziemska

(2017) 46-52. 19. Najeeb U., Ahmad W., Zia M.H., Zaffar M., Zhou W.: Enhancing the lead phytostabilization in wetland plant Juncus effusus L. through somaclonal manipulation and EDTA enrichm.ent, Arabian Journal of Chemistry, 10, 2 (2017) S3310-S3317. 20. Radziemska M., Mazur Z.: Chemical composition of spring rapeseed grown in copper- contaminated soil amended with halloysite and zeolite, Journal of Ecological Engineering, 18, 2 (2017) 38-43. 21. Radziemska M., Mazur Z.: Content of selected heavy metals in