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Kinga Kowalska and Bogdan Ambrożek


The dynamic performance of cylindrical double-tube adsorption heat pump is numerically analysed using a non-equilibrium model, which takes into account both heat and mass transfer processes. The model includes conservation equations for: heat transfer in heating/cooling fluids, heat transfer in the metal tube, and heat and mass transfer in the adsorbent. The mathematical model is numerically solved using the method of lines. Numerical simulations are performed for the system water-zeolite 13X, chosen as the working pair. The effect of the evaporator and condenser temperatures on the adsorption and desorption kinetics is examined. The results of the numerical investigation show that both of these parameters have a significant effect on the adsorption heat pump performance. Based on computer simulation results, the values of the coefficients of performance for heating and cooling are calculated. The results show that adsorption heat pumps have relatively low efficiency compared to other heat pumps. The value of the coefficient of performance for heating is higher than for cooling

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L. Vasiliev, O. Filatova and A. Tsitovich

., HaijeW. G., Dijkstra J. W.: Techno-economic feasibility of hightemperature high-lift chemical heat pumps for upgrading industrial waste heat. Appl. Therm. Eng. 22 (2002), 1619-1630. Meunier F.: Second law analysis of a solid adsorption heat pump operating on reversible cascade cycles: application to the zeolite-water pair. Heat Recovery Systems 5 (1985), 133-141. Tozer R. M., James I. W.: Fundamental thermodynamics of ideal absorption cycles. Int. J. Refrig. 20 (1997)2, 120-135. El