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Parametric Study for Wire Cut Electrical Discharge Machining of Sintered Titanium

methodology coupled with grey-Taguchi technique”, International Journal of Engineering, Science and Technology 2 (5), pp. 162 – 183, 2010 . [11] Rutvik A. Shah, Darji, A. “A literature review on effect of machining parameters in Wire-EDM”, IJSRD - International Journal for Scientific Research & Development, 1 (9), pp. 1840 – 1842, 2013 . [12] Kumar, A., Kumar, V. Kumar, J. “Prediction of surface roughness in wire electric discharge machining (WEDM) process based on Response Surface Methodology” International Journal of Engineering and Technology 2 (4), pp. 708

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Development of Numerical Model and Comparison with the Analytical Model for Predicting the Wire Effects in Wire Electric Discharge Grinding

References [1] M. I. Gokler, A. M. Ozanozgu. Experimental investigation of effects of cutting parameters on surface roughness in the WEDG process, International Journal of Machine tools & Manufacturer 2000 (40), 1831 - 1848. [2] C. V. S. Parmeswara, M. M. M. Sarcar. Evaluation of optimal parameter for machining brass with wire cut EDM, Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research, 2009 (68), 32 -35. [3] W. J. Hsue, Y. S. Liao, S.S. Lu. Fundamental geometry analysis of wire electrical discharge machining in

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An Estimating the Effect of Process Parameters on Metal Removal Rate and Surface Roughness in WEDM of Composite Al6063/SiC/Al2O3 by Taguchi Method

References [1] N. Chawla, Y.N. Shen. Mechanical Behaviour of Particle Reinforced Metal Matrix Composites, Adv Eng Mater 2001 (3), 357 - 370 [2] K.H. Newman, S.T. Rahimifard, S. Allen. State of art in wire electrical discharge machining, International. Int J Mach Tool Manu, 2004 (44), 1247 - 1259. [3] H.P. Raturi, M. Pokhriyal, L. Prasad. Parametric effects on metal matrix composite and hybrid metal matrix composite machining through WEDM –a review, 1 st national conference on “recent advance in science and technology”, August 22

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The Stability of Wedm

metal removal Rate and surface roughness on Wire EDM using Taguchi method. In: IEEE-International Conference on Advances. In Engineering, Science and Management (ICAESM, 2012).

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Experimental Models and Correlations between Surface Parameters after Slide Diamond Burnishing

.M. (1980). The effect of surface roughness on the wear of low-density polyethylene. ASLE Transactions, 23 (3), 269-278. [25] Shi, X., Wang, L., Qin, F. (2016). Relative fatigue life prediction of high-speed and heavy-load ball bearing based on surface texture. Tribology International, 10, 364-374. [26] Trauth, D., Klocke, F., Welling, D., Terhorst, M., Mattfeld, P., Klink, A. (2016). Investigation of the surface integrity and fatigue strength of Inconel718 after wire EDM and machine hammer. International Journal of Material Forming, 9 (5

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Design and Analysis of a Micromechanical Three-Component Force Sensor for Characterizing and Quantifying Surface Roughness

References [1] Thomas, T.R. (1998). Trends in surface roughness. International Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacture, 38 (5), 405-411. [2] Liang, Q., Zhang, D., Coppola, D., Wang, Y., Sun, W., Ge, Y. (2014). Multi-dimensional MEMS/micro sensor for force and moment sensing: A review. IEEE Sensors Journal, 14 (8), 2643-2657. [3] Beyeler, F., Muntwyler, S., Nelson, B.J. (2009). A sixaxis MEMS force-torque sensor with micro-Newton and nano-Newtonmeter resolution. IEEE Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems, 18

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Comparison of selected surface topography parameters after the turning of Inconel 625 obtained by the additive techniques to the parameters of the material made by the traditional techniques

. [3] Krolczyk G. M., Legutko S., Analysis by measurement of surface roughness variations in turning process of duplex stainless steel, Metrology and Measurement Systems 21 (4) (2014) 759-770. [4] Nieslony P., Krolczyk G. M., Wojciechowski S., Chudy R., Zak K., Maruda R. W.,Surface quality and topographic inspection of variable compliance part after precise turning, Applied Surface Science 435 (2018) 91-101. [5] Ciurana J., Hernandez L., Delgado J.,Energy density analysis on single tracks formed by selective laser melting with CoCrMo

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Numerical Analysis of Turbulent Flow Around Two-Dimensional Bodies Using Non-Orthogonal Body-Fitted Mesh

Advisory Committee for Aeronautics. [19] Coles D. and Wadcock (1979): Flying-Hot-Wire Study of Flow Past an NACA 4412 Airfoil at Maximum Lift. – AIAA Journal, vol.17, No.4, pp.321-329. [20] Kermeen R.W. (1956): Water Tunnel Tests of NACA 4412 and WALCHNER PROFILE 7 Hydrofoils in Noncavitating and Cavitating flows. – California Institute of Technology, Hydrodynamics Laboratory, Report No. 47-5. [21] Gregory N. and O’Reilly C.L. (1970): Low Speed Aerodynamic Characteristics of NACA 0012 Airfoil Section, Including the Effects of Upper Surface

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The Use of Focus-Variation Microscopy for the Assessment of Active Surfaces of a New Generation of Coated Abrasive Tools

, 22-31. [4] Yan, L., Rong, Y.M., Jiang, F., Zhou, Z.X. (2011). Three- dimension surface characterization of grinding wheel using white light interferometer. International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 55 (1-4), 133-141. [5] Rhoney, B.K., Shih, A.J., Scattergood, R.O., Ott, R., McSpadden, S.B. (2002). Wear mechanism of metal bond diamond wheels trued by wire electrical discharge machining. Wear, 252 (7), 644-653. [6] Qian, J., Li, W., Ohmori, H. (2000). Precision internal grinding with a metal

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Wigner Monte Carlo simulation without discretization error of the tunneling rectangular barrier

. 12. P. Ellinghaus, J. Weinbub, M. Nedjalkov, and S. Selberherr, Analysis of lense-governed Wigner signed particle quantum dynamics, Physica Status Solidi RRL, vol. 11, no. 7, p. 1700102, 2017. 13. M. Nedjalkov, P. Ellinghaus, J. Weinbub, T. Sadi, A. Asenov, I. Dimov, and S. Selberherr, Stochastic analysis of surface roughness models in quantum wires, Computer Physics Communications, vol. 228, pp. 30-37, 2018. 14. M. Nedjalkov, H. Kosina, S. Selberherr, C. Ringhofer, and D. K. Ferry, Unified particle approach to Wigner

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