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Roof Pitch Angle Examination for Wind Turbine Installation

, building height and urban configuration on the energy yield and positioning of roof mounted wind turbines . Renewable Energy, 50. (2013) 1106–1118. [4] Ledo L., Kosasih P. B., Cooper P.: Roof mounting site analysis for micro-wind turbines, Renewable Energy, 36. (2011) 1379–1391. [5] World Wind Energy Association: 2017 Small Wind World Report . WWEA Head Office, Bonn 2017. [6

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Coupled Finite Volume and Finite Element Method Analysis of a Complex Large-Span Roof Structure

& Software, vol.30, pp.15-34. [16] Oggiano L. (2014): CFD simulations of the NTNU wind turbine rotor and comparison with experiments. - Renewable Energy Research Conference, vol.58, pp.111-116. [17] Li Y., Castro A., Sinokrot T., Prescott W. and Carrica P. (2015): Coupled multi-body dynamics and CFD for wind turbine simulation including explicit wind turbulence. - Renewable Energy, vol.76, pp.338-361. [18] Tominaga Y., Shin-ichi Akabayashi, Takuya Kitahara and Yuki Arinami (2015): Air flow around isolated gableroof buildings

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Numerical Studies of Nonlinear Gearing Models Using Bond Graph Method

with Application, vol.64, pp.798-812. [10] Zhao Xin, Chen Changzheng, Liu Jie and Zhang Lei (2015): Dynamics characteristics of a spur gear transmission system for a wind turbine . – International Conference on Automation, Mechanical Control and Computational Engineering, pp.1985-1990. [11] Kokare D.K. and Patil S.S. (2014): Numerical analysis of vibration in mesh stiffness for spur gear pair with method of phasing . – International Journal of Current Engineering and Technology, Special Issue 3, pp.156-159. [12] Saghafi A. and Farshidianfar A

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Investigation of the effect of thermal stress on the interface damage of hybrid biocomposite materials

years after planting and has a productive life of up to 12 years. It is mainly grown in South America and Africa; Sisal fiber is hard, coarse, long (1–1.5 m), very resistant and almost white, ivory or pale yellowish in color [ 7 , 8 , 9 ]. Hemp fibers are considered among the best reinforcements for composite materials due to the elimination of synthetic fibers affecting the environment [ 10 ]. Glass fibers have been used for reinforcing composite materials in wind turbine blades and boats, since glass fibers have a lower density than steel but a higher strength

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Wind Loading on Solar Panels

J. H., Banks D.: Wind Loads on Utility Scale Solar PV Power Plants. 2015 SEAOC Convention Proceedings. 1–8. [9] Alluri S. K. R., Shit T., Gujjula D., Phani Kumar S. V. S., Ramana Murthy M. V.: Feasibility study on fixed platforms for offshore wind turbine in India . Journal of Structural Engineering (India), 41/1. (2014) 1248–1256. [10] E nergy Street: Global solar radiations (letöltve 2018. november 20.) [11] Kelvin PDC: Panouri solare

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