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The Impact of the Wind Speed on the Dynamics of the Wind Energy System

harmonics reduction using current source inverter with a controlled PWM rectifier , in Proc. EPE., Graz, Austria, Sep. 2001, CD-ROM. [5] Monsson Alma, Constanta, Wind Turbine Systems and Electrical Machines Catalog , 2015. [6] Deliu F., Transitory phenomenons into naval electrical equipment hybrid powered , Ph.D. Thesis, POLITEHNICA Timişoara, 2011.

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Ways of Ensuring Society’s Environmental Stability

-111). Zinko, R., Kruts, T., & Lozovyi, I. (2009). Performance modelling of slowspeed wind wheel of energy unit with blades of constant profile by its radius. Computing, 8(3), 78-82. Kuzio, I., & Zinko, R. (2012). Performance modelling of windmills with blades of sail type. (pp. 100-110). Poltava. Zinko, R. (2012). Using graphs while studying performance of autonomous slow-speed wind power unit. (pp. 31-36). Khmelnytskyi. Korendii, V. (2012). Analysis of benefits and disadvantages of horizontally axial wind turbines. No. 729

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Renewable Energy Sources in the Lubusz Voivodship (Poland). The Present Conditions and Perspectives for Development

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